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The Dragon Gods


Red Dragon God of Magecraft


Blue Dragon Goddess of Channeling


White Dragon God of Adepts


Green Dragon God of Shamanism


Black Dragon Goddess of Sorcery

The Blessed Gods

Ages ago, a pure and good entity known as All-Mother and her dark suitor, the Void, danced through the space between universes. The two spawned twenty children, ten of the Mother and ten of the Void. All-Mother loved all of their children and - recognizing that the Void was a dark entity of chaos, corruption, and change - hid them in the realm of Lorithandar. A small, nearly-inaccessible pocket universe inhabited solely by dragons and protected by the Dragon Gods that held it together, it was the ideal place to protect them from the Void's influence.

As Her Children came into their own, they discovered the existence of places of power called Nexuses, or Domains, which when possessed would grant power over a specific aspect of reality. The twenty Children warred amongst themselves over these Domains and, eventually, the “pantheon” settled into ten Blessed Gods, disregarding those who had been killed or driven away. The remaining ten agreed to share power over many of the domains to some extent, but each would retain possession of a Domain that was exclusively theirs. The only exception to this was the Twins, who chose share control of Storms.

The general consensus of mortal races regarding the Blessed Gods is that their purpose is to maintain the balance and protect the mortal races, though that’s not quite accurate. Many of the Blessed Gods have aspirations of their own and pursue their own agendas. There have been many changes to the pantheon over the millennia, and the pantheon currently consists of the following, listed from eldest to youngest.

Children of the Mother


Domains: Light, Avatar, Order, Healing

The God of Light, Alkaizer is generally considered to be the leader of the Blessed Gods. He is widely worshipped and revered throughout Lorithandar as a god of truth and justice.


Domains: Earth, Avatar, Strength, Magic

Due to his control of the Earth Domain, Kravnos is commonly worshipped in agricultural communities as the god of foresters and miners. He and those who worship him greatly value the planet and wish to protect it above all else.


Domains: Storms, Magic, Healing, Wrath

The elder of the Twin Goddesses, Nimway is generally considered to be the kindest of the Blessed Gods and is associated with the element of water and healing. She shares power over the Storms Domain with Khitar, however in agricultural communities Nimway's worship is most often prioritized over that of her twin.


Domains: Storms, Magic, Healing, Wrath

The younger of the Twin Goddesses, Khitar is a mercurial being and often associated with air or lightning. She is most often prayed to as a proponent of vengeance, and also especially by seafarers and maritime communities.


Domains: Fire, War, Order, Magic

Thalu controls the Fire Domain, and is known specifically for his hatred of undead. Many who worship Thalu dedicate themselves to the eradication of such beings wherever they might be found.


Domains: Time, Fate, Magic, Order

As holder of the Time Domain, Kronos records and observes the functions of time - and, when needed, acts. His Kronomancers have been known to travel into alternate timelines to determine any static features.


Domains: Valor, War, Strength, Healing

Septimus is the youngest of the Blessed Gods and holds the domain of Valor. As the new "God of War" (in place of Kao, who had been cast from the pantheon), he places more value on honor and chivalry, rather than senseless death or conflict.

Children of the Void


Domains: Death, Shadow, Fate, Dreams

The Goddess of Death, Su-Lan is treated warily by her siblings, who each fear her power on some level. She has been known to abstain from conflicts where her involvement might tip the balance of the universe, however she is unafraid to act in order to maintain it.


Domains: Chaos, Fear, War, Strength

The former God of War, Kao was cast from the pantheon after his actions in the God War that shattered the planet. His worship is outlawed in may parts of the world. His creed is something along the lines of survival of the fittest.


Domains: Desire, Avatar, Chaos, Shadow

The most recent of the “Blessed Gods,” in most of the world her worship is proscribed. Taking advantage of the downtrodden, she increases in strength as they give in to their desires. As such, her worship is generally considered that of a cult and is illegal.


Domains: Luck, Shadow, Dreams, Magic

The goddess of Luck, Thysis is something of an enigma to many. People pray to her for good luck in their endeavors or bad luck for their enemies.

The New Gods

The Wolf

The Deadlords

Domains: Undeath, Corruption, Shadow, Fear

These dark Stygian gods reside in the plane of Stygia, where they share control of the various necrotic energies inherent to their realm. Enemies of the goddess Su-Lan, they have been known to covet the power she holds and squabble amongst themselves.