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Domain Power: Avatar Form

Channelers of the Avatar Domain gain the ability to transform into magical guardians of their patron as a Standard Action, gaining a variety of bonuses and powers for 1 Hour. Upon transformation, the caster gains the chosen benefits for the rank cast, as well as any lower ranks. At some ranks, the channeler is offered choices that affect their Avatar Form. Once a choice has been made, it may not be changed later.

Avatar Domain channelers gain a +1 Divine bonus vs. Dispel Magic, or a +Rank divine bonus against spells vs. resistance such as Disjunction, which may negate their Avatar Form if successful.

Avatar Form

Rank Power Description
1 Avatar Form I Caster chooses the base type of transformation they will have, gaining the ability to Sense Outsiders, Magic Sight, or Improved Initiative.
2 Avatar Form II Avatar form now grants magical arms and armor while active.
3 Avatar Form III The caster may transform more quickly, and chooses an additional benefit which wards themselves, improves their mobility or exudes an aura that bolsters allies.
4 Avatar Form IV Caster gains physical enhancements while transformed.
5 Avatar Form V The Avatar gains improved recovery speed, and wings granting flight. While transformed, the caster may be recognized as an Outsider.