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Demons are savage and chaotic creatures who reside in the twisted plane of Pandemonium. They are infused with dark sorcery and are highly resistant to magic.

Template Bonuses

  • Demons gain +Rank Magical Defense in addition to their base statistics
  • Darkvision
  • Base Speed of 6.


Rank 1


These small grotesque winged figures have bright red skin and sharp fangs. They are more cunning than they look, and are frequently seen as familiars for more powerful masters.


A revolting, sentient pile of ooze that slowly creeps across the ground. Lemures are the lowest form of demon, and useless for even most menial tasks. Their body is highly acidic, however, and can badly harm a mortal who isn’t fast enough to evade them.

Rank 2

Chain Demon

A gaunt, pale figure with unnerving glowing eyes wrapped in barbed chains, Chain Demons may appear to be undead at first glance, but they are in fact living demons. Their laugh is enough to rattle even the fiercest foe.

Barbed Demon

A green-skinned demon covered in spikes with long flexible fingers extending into blades, Barbed Demons are often found at the front of any demonic army.

Rank 3


Commonly known as “Assassin Demons” the Babau are ideal for covert murder with their natural stealth and bladed claws. They favor evasion over heavy armor, and their demonic skin is no defense at all against a blade, but like most demons they have a natural resistance to magic.



Rank 4




Rank 5



Pit Fiend

Rank 6