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Angels are orderly and intelligent beings who reside in the plane of Aaru. They are skilled warriors with magical auras that provide a protective barrier against attacks. Angels have three primary races: the Divas, who take the forms of elegant, beautiful humanoids; the Archons, whose forms have been evolved and changed by exposure to the planar energies of Aaru; and the Celestials, an offshoot race of Archons that have become beings of living light.

Template Bonuses

  • Angels have a magical aura granting +Rank Physical Defense, which is immune to mundane forms of Armor Piercing.
  • Flight
  • Base Speed of 6.


Rank 1

Lantern Archon

Small intelligent orbs of golden light, the Lantern Archons are believed by some to be the link between the Archons and the Celestials. Lantern Archons are energetic and flighty, with sharp senses of humor.


Small winged angels, the Cherubs are considered by most to be part of the Diva family. They are intelligent and are able to view the flow of magic natively. Cherubs have their own culture and society, but follow the laws set down by the Archangels and Seraphim.

Rank 2

Blade Archon

Blade Archons are a mix of solid matter and Aaru energy. They favor dual-wielding enchanted blades that cut armor effortlessly. Most often seen on the front lines of battle, they are the most common angelic soldiers.

Truthseeker Diva

Truthseeker Divas are dedicated to spreading knowledge and law. They have an excellent memory, and train in skills of oration - often acting as speakers or lawyers.

Rank 3

Hound Archon

Hound Archons bear a more than passing resemblance to the chaotic races of Pandemonium. It’s been suggested that the Hounds are descendants of angels and demons. While the truth is unknown, the Hounds have a deep hatred of demons and are adept at hunting them.

Sunstrider Archon

Slender golden angels with multiple limbs, the Sunstrider Archons are masters of both bow and blade, often serving as skirmishers when angels go to war. Their fast reflexes and flurry of weapons make them particularly fearsome.

Rank 4

Blaze Archon

Inhabitants of one of the bright suns floating in Aaru, the Blaze Archons are most at home in roaring heat. This affinity for fire has made them particularly useful combatants against malevolent fire demons like Pit Fiends.

Astral Diva

In many ways, the Astral Divas epitomize the Diva race: they are tall, slender, and beautiful. These winged angels are most often noble priests capable of wielding powerful magic.

Celestial Guardian

The Celestial Guardians are beings of the purest energies of Aaru, contained in ornate suits of armor powered by planar energy and wielding massive shields. Celestial Guardians are frequently chosen as bodyguards for powerful angelic princes.

Rank 5

Celestial Archon

The Celestials are beings of pure Aethyric light contained in ornate suits of armor and metallic wings. The Celestial Archons exist largely outside the angelic hierarchy and rarely participate in Aethyric politics. When called to war however, they are an overwhelming force for Order and their command of light magic is unmatched.


The most holy and devout Diva transform into the highest form of their race, the Seraphim. Priests and channellers of the plane of Aethyr itself they act as arbiters and judges.

Diva Knight

Powerful Diva nobles rise to become Knights, granted a position of authority and respect by their people.

Rank 6


Rulers and princes of Aethyr, the Archangels were once Divas who Ascended and took on forms infused with the energy of Aethyr. They are considered to be both Diva and Archon and as such rule over both races.