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Creating New Organizations

Religious Orders

Rei-Shaad Monks

An ancient order whose origins date back to the Second God War, the reclusive monks have been well-respected throughout Koolong, and rose to prominence with the elevation of Ojo Kusanagi, a former member of their order. Originally comprised of orphans and homeless survivors from the mortal races, members of the Feran race and some elves protected and trained them, enabling them to fight alongside one another against the Troll Empire. As a result of this joining of forces, Koolong adopted many aspects of Feran culture, including a tendency toward spirituality and a reverence of Feran themselves. The Rei-Shaad became a spiritual order of warrior monks and shaman who trained under Feran master fighters, resulting in the creation of the clawed gauntlet for martial purposes. Many Rei-Shaad honor their original teachers by learning to fight wearing these gauntlets.

The Rei-shaad were an old and secluded order who refrained from involvement in politics for many years and were widely respected, but not as a secular force until Ojo Kusanagi (a member of their order) revealed her power and single-handedly ended the 100 Year War. They were thrust into the limelight, and now the Rei-Shaad are part of the game of Koolongi court intrigue whether they wish it or not. Some view them as spiritual arbiters and see Ojo Kusanagi's Ascension as proof that a return to the old ways is called for; however, the temples of the Blessed Gods are not thrilled with this idea, nor are the nobility. As such, being a member of this order is either a position of great respect or great distrust.

Brotherhood of Septimus

Su-Lan Priesthood

Su-Lan has four high priests/priestesses at any time, one for each of her domains. These priests are located throughout the world. The high priest of Dreams is located in Suriloth, Shadow is found in Arvendor, Death in Sha’dar, and Fate in Dakor.

Distributing her favor has made it so that for the most part they stay out of politics.

The Shadows

The Pale Sisters

The militant nuns are female devotees to the goddess who train in battle, and live ascetic lives, battle undead, and mortals who would prey on the vulnerable, and help guide the passing to the embrace of the mother.


Cult of Irrilandrila

Magical Orders

The Imperial Academy of Mages

Main Article: The Imperial Academy of Mages

The first and most public of the organizations established by Tyrian Dakor.

Military Organizations

Merchant Guilds

Secret Orders

The Black Chamber

A secret organization inside the Imperial Academy, the Black Chamber is a research facility dedicated to using dark and dangerous magic to further the Dakoran Empire’s goals.

The Dragon Knights

Main Article: The Dragon Knights

One of the three organizations formed by Tyrian in his time with Dakor, The Dragon Knights is the most secretive order. This order is comprised of a number of Ascendants and mortals who work to remove godly power from the mortal races. They are dedicated to the freeing of the Dragon Gods of Lorithandar.

The Shadows (Dakor)

Main Article: The Shadows (Dakor)

Another of the three orders founded by Tyrian Dakor, the Shadows were originally taken as an offshoot of the Su-Lan faith, a priesthood of assassins. Tyrian Dakor ultimately recruited and repurposed them into an order responsible for keeping the excess of the Mages in check within the Empire. The Dakoran Shadows are, consequently, a secret but politically sanctioned group of Mage Assassins.

The Void Cult

Main Article: Cult of the Void

A shadowy group devoted to allowing the mysterious power, known as the Void, to enter into Lorithandar, the domains of the gods, and the Spirit Realm. Their aims appear inimical to all lives and powers existing in the realms today.

The Order of the Realms

A group of all races across all nations who are devoted to opposing the Void Cult. Originally a military faction within the Faerie Kingdom, the Order expanded into the mortal races many generations after the Elari Faerie War. High ranking members within the Order often shed their birth name, taking on a mantle of a goal or virtue they admire, such as Sacrifice, Servitude, and Penance.

The Knife of Memories

A Faerie organization that actively hunt all Elari who leave Elarum. This group ignored the edicts of their rulers after the Elari Faerie war, and chose exile to pursue their pogrom of the Elari people.