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Su-Lan is the eldest sister of all of the Blessed Gods. She is also the most powerful, gaining her power from the act of dying, souls traveling through the barrier to a whirlpool or a sink of souls at a Nexus within Stygia. Her powers come from the energy generated by this cosmic movement and the retention of those souls.

Though a Child of the Void, Su-Lan has inherited none of the Void’s desire for suffering. Neither evil nor good, she wishes things to be in perfect balance. She frequently abstains from conflicts among the Blessed Gods where her power may bring things over the edge of balance. Su-Lan has personally orchestrated the stability and safety of all existence; taken on the burden of being hated and feared by her siblings, and standing in between the Blessed Gods when necessary to preserve the balance.

Titles: Goddess of Death, Mistress of Graves

Domains: Death Domain, Shadow Domain, Fate Domain, Dreams Domain





Su-Lan has a very complicated relationship with the other Blessed Gods. In her efforts to maintain the balance of life and death, she has ended up abstaining from a number of conflicts where her assistance would have made a significant impact, resulting in hard feelings all around. All of her siblings are at least a little bit afraid of her and the power that she wields. She does not intend them any harm, however; her main focus is maintaining the balance and protecting her personal Domain from the undead Deadlords.


At any one time, Su-Lan has four high priests or priestesses; one for each of her Domains. These priests are located throughout the world: The High Priest of Dreams in Suriloth; the High Priest of Shadow in Arvendor; the High Priest of Death in Sha’dar; and the High Priest of Fate in Dakor. Distributing her favor has made it so that for the most part, her religious orders stay out of politics.

Religious Orders

Temples and Holy Sites