Dreams Domain

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Domain Power: Dreamscape

Caster may fall asleep at will (while sitting or prone). Once asleep the caster may send their consciousness into the Dreamscape, enabling them to sense the minds of sleeping targets within 100 yards of the channeller in the physical realm. With a successful search roll, the caster may find and target a specific mind. This provides contact for spells that otherwise require sight. If the dream caster has been within a target’s dreams in the past 24 hours, they will gain a +1/+2/+3 insight bonus to all casts against that target. The caster may awaken at will as a standard action. This will immediately sever contact with sleeping targets.

Unless otherwise specified,

  • Targets must be either be visually seen by the caster (line of sight may not be broken), or the caster must contact them through proximity in the Dreamscape.
  • There is no difference between a target being naturally asleep, magically asleep, or unconscious. The method by which the target has entered this state is not relevant.
  • The caster retains full powers during magically imposed sleep as if naturally asleep
  • The caster is unable to access powers if "asleep" due to being unconscious, such as being in negative health from lethal damage.

Waking Dreams
Rank Power Description
1 Phantasmal Sleeper When the caster is asleep, they may separate their spirit from their body in an “astral form”.
2 Warped Senses Caster can change, warp, or confound a target's senses.
3 Daydream Caster creates a Major Illusion which is particularly potent to a single target who has been contacted within 24 hours using Dreamscape, applying a Suggestion.
4 Lucid Dreams Grants the caster greater control over the dreamlike elements they can project into the physical world.
5 Delusion A target is completely immersed in an imaginary world the caster creates.
Dream Walker
Rank Power Description
1 Dream Scout Allows caster to enter the target’s dreams and affect minor changes to the Dreamscape to call up specific information.
2 Lullaby The caster sends a target into a deep magical sleep.
3 Dream Walker As per Dream Scout, however the caster can now directly influence the target’s dream to impart a compulsion.
4 Reverie Caster can cause a group of targets to sink into a hazy daydream where they are lost in past fond memories.
5 Dream Weaver Caster has complete control of a sleeping target’s dreams and can set a geas-like compulsion to perform an action of the caster’s choice.
Rank Power Description
1 Nameless Dread The target’s subconscious drags up a primal fear making them susceptible to intimidation.
2 Spectre Caster creates a nightmarish figure only the target can see to attack them.
3 Night Terrors Caster makes a target perceive living beings as monstrous creatures from their nightmares.
4 Bogeyman Slipping into shadows, the caster becomes that thing hiding under your bed, waiting to jump out and grab you. The caster gains magical concealment which grants penalties to a target if revealed.
5 Phantasmagoria The target’s worst fears and most horrific nightmares come to life in a terrifying shadowplay. Any action or movement the target makes to look elsewhere, move to avoid it, or attack it applies fear or slay effect.