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The population of Arcadia consists of many of the oldest and most diverse planar races. Arcadia is generally split by geographic region into Light and Dark; one of the oldest divisions in the universe. Those Arcadians who settled the Light Realm and follow its rules are known as the Seelie (or Summer Court), while those who inhabit the Dark Realm are the Unseelie (or Winter Court). "Fae" is another commonly-used term referring the inhabitants of Arcadia, however its usage occasionally results in confusion as many citizens of Lorithandar frequently use the term when referring to the Faerie.

Template Bonuses

  • Arcadians are magical beings with the ability to draw on both Sorcery and Magecraft. They automatically gain an additional Sorcery or Magecraft spell at-will that is less than or equal to their Rank.
  • Base Speed is 6.


Rank 1


These chipper avians are very social beings, and have a long racial history of serving as scribes and translators among myriad Arcadian races.


These skittish, mouselike creatures make excellent allies for the savvy summoner. They use magic to burrow through solid stone and create extensive warrens beneath Arcadian soil.


Small in stature, these sentient winged felines have spent thousands of years near the bottom of the Arcadian food chain, evolving what meager magic they had to conceal themselves to ensure their survival. Qeshi are able to change the color and appearance of their fur at will, like a chameleon. When their flexible, membranous wings are wrapped flush around their slim torsos, the average person may mistake a Qeshi for an overweight house cat.


These elegant, lupine beings are supreme trackers. The Qushi’s well-hidden Third Eye opens when needed, allowing it to project a Reveal Aura into its immediate surroundings and suss out any magical prey.


Sprites are tiny mischievous creatures who inhabit both the Light and Dark places of Arcadia. They clever, but fond of playing tricks, sometimes dangerous or deadly ones.

Will 'o the Wisp

The smallest and most simple of the Wisps, Will ‘o the Wisps appear as orbs, blinking in and out of sight on the darkest of nights. The unwary may fall prey to their spell and be lured to their deaths.

Rank 2


Magically-enhanced vocal muscles allow these beings a wide vocal range and oddly musical tones, and amplify their voices so that under optimal conditions the sound might carry for miles. They also make for a rather deadly weapon when used appropriately.


Though powerful in their own right, Hobkin tend to be looked down upon by their Seelie allies as their hairy form is considered considerably ugly. Spindly limbs and knobby joints belie their quickness. If treated well, one of the hobkin may repay the summoner in favors, conjuring simple things that may help them out in daily life. When crossed, however, the hobkin has been known to release its anger in the form of fire magics.


Tiny, delicate creatures borne aloft on insectoid wings. The average pixie is intelligent, but not particularly wise. These odd creatures primarily fill their days with the care and protection of plants in Seelie.


Ruthless vulpine Arcadians that often disguise themselves as other races, Reykin use their wit and wiles tempt the unwary into buying cursed or enchanted items in exchange for committing terrible deeds. Even the wary may be overcome by a Reykin's Charm.

Spitebrood Hound

Built like a large hunting dog, this beast is wreathed in shadow. The shadows offer them cover and help them blend into dark corners. Normally, they hunt in packs so their shadowy visages bleed together, making it difficult to determine the number of beasts in the pack.

Rank 3


These small, snail-like creatures with six stubby legs are born with the unique ability to reach into their shells and access a dimensional pocket. Many Burbles take to the road and slowly travel from one place to another, picking up interesting things and adding them to their hoard as they go.



Nearly an urban myth among the Unseelie, Inklings are believed to prey upon the isolated and unwary, stealing memories and energy as they creep along the fringes of society.


Viciously territorial, these beautifully-colored birds rarely bother distinguishing friend from foe. They often hunt small prey near the borders between Seelie and Unseelie - using Charm to ensnare prey for later consumption.

Permafrost Spiker

This grotesquely hunched creature seems to lurch as it walks. Its skin is tinged with ice, and spiky icicles seem to burst forth from its back.


This odd species is capable of shifting into three different forms, one of which must be chosen upon binding by a summoner:


A powerful horse with golden eyes and large horns that curl backward, suitable for mounted combat.


A large, swamp-dwelling lupine creature with hooked claws, webbed feet, and reptilian hindquarters. Its fur always appears sandy or matted with mud. Luros are spectacular swimmers and prefer to drown their prey in freezing water before tearing it to shreds.


A horrifying bear with what appear to be human features visible in places where its fur is oddly absent. Its thick, patchy coat is resistant against magic.

Wandering Wisp

A more powerful cousin of the Will 'o the Wisp, these creatures hum loudly, using the sound to ensnare their prey.

Rank 4

Spitebrood Hag

Native to the Spitebrood Depths within Arcadia, this hag has been shaped by her environment. The Depths lay on the Arcadian borders closest to Stygia and contain a unique nexus of power that pulls the echoes of powerful fears from nightmares, siphoning that power into the beings that reside within. Spitebrood Hags have particularly horrific façades and are gifted with keen insight into the fears and minds of mortals.

Summer Charger

These enormous, magical Phoenixes serve as a subject of fascination in many legends; they are most well-known for their beautiful song and magical healing abilities. Regardless, they are particularly fierce and make fine combat mounts for Arcadian Knights.

Winter Knight

These cold and cruel mounted combatants are widely considered to be perhaps the most terrible that Unseelie has to offer. Indiscriminately vicious, they have served a vital role on the battlefields of Arcadia throughout history. Winter Knights have also been known to participate in Wild Hunts, wherein they run down and kill lesser Arcadians for sport. Weapons imbued with Frost magic and Fear Auras have served them well.

Rank 5

Summer Lord

The Summer Lords of Seelie are beautiful to behold: fair skin and fine features; wild, brilliant hair in all hues imaginable; and an intimate understanding of the workings of magic developed over thousands of years. Only the most powerful of these Lords have fashioned themselves a Golden Staff - a mark of their magical mastery, this heavily-enchanted weapon is tied to the very life-force of its wielder and is capable of consuming foreign mana for later use.

Winter Lord

The Lords of Unseelie make formidable allies and terrifying enemies. High-ranking Winter Lords wield magical weapons gifted to them by the Unseelie Queen - a specially-enchanted glaive which causes wounds that are resistant to healing.

Rank 6