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Magecraft is one of the most flamboyant of disciplines specializing in blasts of fire and lightning, teleportation, flight, and healing. Mages are men and women who have learned to control the magical Ley Lines crossing the planes of existence. Mages learn to manipulate these lines through careful study to produce effects, which are formalized as spells. Spells have been constructed over hundreds or thousands of years to balance competing forces in the most efficient way possible. Great academies of mages study endlessly to improve upon existing spells or discover new ones, endlessly arguing about the efficiency or viability of a new approach to existing knowledge.

Unlike other forms of magic, Magecraft requires a brilliant mind and careful study to succeed. A mage without training might summon energy from a Ley line only to have the result fizzle into harmless light, or worse, detonate in their own hands. The study of Magecraft and Mathematics share much in common. For this reason, Mages disdain Sorcery most of all: both for its brutish lack of sophistication and the lack of care for the dangers its practitioners so often exhibit.

Magecraft Casting Roll

Casting Stat: Intelligence + Magecraft Skill + Sphere Rank

Magecraft Spheres

The study of manipulating a particular type of Ley line is defined as a Sphere. A Mage's rank in a Sphere signifies their level of control over Ley lines associated with that Sphere, and places limits on what spells they are able to learn. A Mage is recognized primarily by their highest Rank Sphere. A mage with their highest ranks in the Sphere of Fire would be considered a Fire Mage. Mages start play with one Sphere, granting one Rank 2 spell, and two Rank 1 spells in that Sphere. Each time a Mage increases a Sphere they gain a spell in the sphere at the newly gained rank, and a second spell one or more ranks below the gained rank. Mages may also purchase any spell that their ranks permit with experience for 2 GXP per rank.


Elemental Air ley lines are immense flows curling and curving through the air. The Air Sphere deals with wind, summer storms, travel, communication, and weightlessness. Air is mostly utility with communication and travel, paired with good offense in the form of lightning and wind based attacks.

Air mages have the greatest mobility among the mages, and they leverage it extensively to set up their opponents and trump their plans.

Example Air spells: Feather Fall, Whispering Wind, Gust of Wind, Air Pocket, Lightning Bolt, Levitate, Shockwave, Flight


Elemental Earth ley lines are in dense nets, holding fast within the substance of the world. The Earth Sphere deals with Dirt, stone, ore, metal, and gravity. Earth is high defense with significant utility, manipulating the foundations of the earth for their advantage.

Earth mages are solid, durable, and capable of controlling and shifting that which opponents feel is immovable and stable.

Example Earth spells: Tremorsense, Transmute Earth, Earth Armor, Earthen Bulwark, Earth Walk, Stone Shackles, Ground Burst, Reverse Gravity


Elemental Fire ley line are in streamers, flowing with currents of heat, flaring around sources of fire. The Fire Sphere deals with fire, heat, destruction, and ashes. Fire is highly offense, and the few defensive spells provide that defense more through a threat of damage than through actually intercepting the damage.

Fire mages conjure and control the flows of heat, powerful up close or at a distance; they are always capable of significant destruction, especially against undead.

Example Fire spells: Combustion, Infravision, Resist Fire, Weapon of Flame, Fireball, Choking Smoke, Wall of Fire, Phoenix


Life ley lines are in intricate lattices, woven through every living being. The Life Sphere deals with healing, growth, plants, rejuvenation, and poisons. Life is healing and buffing with some minor offensive power in the form of poisons.

Life mages can be brashly vibrant, slowly deliberate, or touchily secluded, but it's hard to have a bad day with a Life mage as a friend.

Example Life spells: Cleanse, Flash Heal, Life Armor, Enhance Poison, Heal, Physical Enhancement, Regenerate


Mental ley lines are woven through the minds of intelligence beings, connecting one mind to another by tenuous strands. The Mind Sphere deals with telepathy, illusions, memory, thoughts, emotions, and languages. Mind is mostly utility though detection and manipulation of others, with some minor offense power in their mental attacks.

Mind mages can be a true threat, attacking your very mental capacity to fight back, regardless of if the fight is a storm thrashed peak or a haggling table.

Example Mind spells: Sense Minds, Displacement, Telepathy, Mind Flay, Invisibility, Mind Control, Insanity


Prime ley lines are woven through the fabric of space and time, ignoring mundane material. The Prime Sphere deals with mana, hallows, arcane bindings, item creation, auras, force effects, counterspelling, time. It is not 'raw magic', but more the essence of magical forces beyond the mundane. Life heals itself, fire exists in hearths, but nothing Prime Magic can do is manifested in the mundane in some other way.

Prime mages are stuff of legends, usually obtaining strength through years of careful study with intensely powerful acts haking the foundations of the world intermittantly scattered about occasionally.

Example Prime spells: Telekinesis, Force Armor, Mana Bolt, Blink, Mana Gem, Mana Storm, Disjunction


Elemental Water ley lines are vague pools of clustered motes with invisible strands connecting them all. The Water Sphere deals with water, cold, ice, and winter storms. Water is mostly defensive with icy barriers and slowing effects, but has a good dose of offensive punch behind it's cold attacks.

Water mages suite their element, changing their tactics and methods rapidly and making it hard to pin them down, especially if they have already slowed you to a crawl.

Example Water spells: Breathe Water, Frozen Touch, Ice Armor, Ice Shield, Ward, Wall of Ice, Cone of Cold, Tsunami


Magecraft (as of 1/9/20)
Sphere Description Missing/Incomplete Powers Total Powers Needs Revision Playtested
Air Sphere 11 31 Yes
Earth Sphere 14 35 No
Fire Sphere 18 35 No
Life Sphere 0 29 No
Mind Sphere 5 32 No
Prime Sphere 6 29 No
Water Sphere 8 32 No