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Starting Equipment

Characters begin play only with basic equipment:

  • 1 Large or Two-Handed Martial or Exotic Weapon (mundane materials only) OR 2 Medium or Smaller Weapons. A light shield or bracer of 6x tiny weapons can be substituted for a Medium weapon.
  • Light or Medium Armor
  • Travel Pack (5 days of food, bedroll)
  • Change of clothes (Common Quality)
  • 10 Gold

Additional equipment, including heavy armor, improved materials (quicksilver, adamantine, ironwood), substantial supplies, mounts, etc may be obtained using the Improved Background Benefit.

Acquiring Additional Equipment

Players may wish to acquire equipment (e.g. armor and weaponry) that they do not currently own. Whether such items are available for players to purchase (or someone is available to craft them) is left to the discretion of the Storyteller.

Equipment Crafting

Often times, specific pieces of armor are not available for purchase ready-made on the market. It is possible to commission custom-made pieces of various styles and materials from skilled crafters using the Equipment Crafting rules and pricing guide.

Weapons and Armor


Weaponry of all shapes and sizes can be found throughout the world of Lorithandar, and occasionally beyond it.

Armor Piercing

Weapons with this attribute ignore a number of points of their target’s Armor Value equal to their Armor Piercing value. Armor Piercing (AP) penetrates Armor bonuses only, not Shield bonuses. AP does not penetrate Magical Armor such as that provided by the Force Armor or Spectral Armor spells. If a weapon's Armor Piercing value equals or exceeds the Armor Value AND any Enhancement values of the target's armor, then any Damage Reduction is also ignored.

Example 1: Mar is wearing a chainmail shirt (2 Armor, 1 DR) and a guard fires a Medium Crossbow (2 damage, +2 AP) at him. Neither have Enhancement bonuses. The guard's crossbow reduces Mar's Armor to 0, which causes his attack to ignore the chainmail Damage Reduction.

Example 2: Captain Myana is wearing a chainmail shirt which contains an Imbued Shaman Spirit offering a +1 Enhancement Bonus. The same guard firing a Medium Crossbow at her would reduce the Armor by 2 (+2 AP), but because he does not have an equal or higher Enhancement Bonus on his weapon, would not ignore her Damage Reduction.

Ignore Dodge

Weapons with this attribute ignore a number of points of their target’s dodge equal to their Ignore Dodge value. This does not apply to other attackers, or count towards making the target Flatfooted.

Armor & Shields

Armor Value & Shield Bonuses

All armor has an Armor Value which is added to your character's available Dodge and any applicable Shield Bonus for a combined Physical Defense value while equipped. Physical defense determines the number of dice removed from incoming attacks' dice pools. Unlike Dodge, Armor Value is not reduced by each incoming attack during a round. However, the defense that armor provides may be partially or completely bypassed by weapons or skills with the “Armor Piercing” ability.

Shields provide a Shield Bonus. Just like Armor Value, the Shield Bonus may be considered as a part of the character's overall Physical Defense. Shield Bonuses are not affected by Armor Piercing, however a Shield Bonus may only be applied when the shield user is not flat-footed.


Magical Enhancement bonuses to Armor Value do not stack with magical Enhancement to Shield Bonuses. Whichever Enhancement bonus is higher (armor Enhancement OR shield Enhancement) is added to the character's Physical Defense.

Damage Reduction

Medium and Heavy forms of armor provide a trait called Damage Reduction (also known as D.R.), which reduces incoming lethal damage to non-lethal damage. Each point of Damage Reduction reduces a single point of Lethal damage per attack. Certain powers provide Damage Reduction which in some cases may stack with the benefit provided by armor. If a power indicates that it adds "+x Physical Damage Reduction" it stacks with the benefit from armor, while powers that say "x Physical Damage Reduction" do not stack, and the highest value is applied. Damage Reduction may be bypassed by weapons or skills with the "Armor Piercing" ability.

Max Dodge

All armor has a maximum dodge value it allows wearers to apply towards their defense. Some special materials or spells can improve this limit. A player’s dodge is equal to the average of their Dexterity and Intelligence rounded down.

Armor Check Penalty

Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, and Heavy Shields are more difficult to move with. They apply a penalty that reduces the wearer's Speed, jump distance (to a minimum of 1 yard), as well as their Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, and Swim skills. The Heavy Armor Training Benefit can reduce the Speed penalty applied by Medium or Heavy Armor, but not the skill penalty.


Consumable items are single-use items, such as potions and poultices, poisons, and alchemy or crafting components, which are destroyed upon use.

Potions & Poultices

Potions and poultices are consumable items that have a variety of generally positive healing effects. The main difference between the two is that Potions must be consumed by drinking them, whereas poultices may be applied topically as ointments. Some poultices may also be safely eaten.


Poisons are consumable items that can either ingested or applied to weaponry. They may be found available for purchase at suitable locations throughout Lorithandar, such as an apothecary shop.


Spellpaper is a component used in the crafting of spell scrolls. Inscribed Spellpaper can be purchased directly at some mage consortiums, or a mage can purchase some Blank Spellpaper and try to inscribe it herself for a reduced cost.

Other Supplies

Equipment useful for traveling and adventuring, as well as day-to-day life.

Mounts and Transportation

Various creatures throughout Lorithandar have been domesticated for use as transportation. The most commonplace mounts are horses, which are purchaseable, however some other animals able to be trained as mounts may be encountered through gameplay.


Method Description Passengers Cost
Rental Horse A standard horse and tack suitable for travel. 1 medium creature 20g
Rental Cart 2-4 medium creatures 30g
Rental Wagon 5-8 medium creatures 50g