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Required Prime Sphere 5
Range Rank x 10 yards
Area 1 Target
Duration Rank rounds
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Cast Action Standard
Mana Cost 4
Effect The target is subject to a disruption of all ley connections. If the target fails to pass their Magic Resistance roll, magic effects on the target or the target's equipment are disrupted, temporarily breaking the binding between the magic and the target (or the magic and the item) respectively. A total cumulative ranks of effects may be disrupted equal to Rank x 2, starting with the highest rank available. The magical effect is not dispelled but is displaced within the ley and left out of sync with the target's being or item. For example, this may manifest visually as a flaming greatsword having the flame displaced to an ethereal copy that is barely visible near the blade, matching the blade's movement, but failing to affect the targets hit.