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Required Earth Sphere 3; Water Sphere 3, Bear Discipline 3
Range Rank x 5 yards
Area 1 Target (Bear Discipline - Self Only)
Duration 1 Hour
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Action Standard
Cost 3 Mana
Effect Casting this spell conjures an invisible, skintight magical barrier around a single target that absorbs Rank points of lethal damage after an incoming attack is successful. This barrier acts like temporary Health that is absorbed before damage is applied, however, hitting a Ward will still trigger "on hit" effects, such as Fire Armor. When a Ward has expended all of its protective points, it disappears in a bright flash.

Multiple Wards cannot be placed on the same target, and a higher Ranked Ward spell will immediately overwrite a lower one. The caster may only maintain Wards on a number of targets equal to her Rank.