Bear Discipline

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Brutes, toughs, heavies, thugs: Adepts of the Bear would laugh at their opponents' puny attacks if they weren't so busy destroying them. The Discipline of the Bear offers training in Charging, Strength, Toughness, and Sundering. Adepts of the Bear may choose prowess in Might, Toughness, and Resistance.

Rank 1

Improved Charge Making a successful charge grants a +1 dice bonus.
Mighty Lift Lift, move, push, pull, and throw heavy loads 2x normal capacity at no penalty.
Tough Hide Prevent 1 non-lethal damage per attack for Rank rounds. This ability may be activated once per encounter as a reaction to a source of non-lethal damage. 1 Mana.
Sunder Objects Deal double damage to inanimate objects.

Rank 2

Resolute Charge Passive: Gain +2 Speed when making a charge attack.

Active: Ignore speed penalties from moving through threatened areas during a charge. This effect may be applied to Charge Maneuvers by paying its cost in addition to any costs for the Maneuver. 1 Mana.

Break Bonds Automatically free yourself from any mundane bonds, chains, locks, or ropes. Gain a Rank bonus at breaking free from magical bonds such as Entangle or Web. 1 Mana.
Improved Vigor Passive: Gain +1 Vigor
Sunder Armor Passive: A critical success on a melee attack permanently reduces the target’s armor bonus by 1 point until repaired.

Rank 3

Reactive Charge Active: If you get charged, as a reaction you may immediately charge the assailant with a basic melee attack. Your attack is resolved first. This attack does not count against your normal action limits for the round. Only once such attack may be made per round. 2 Mana
Surge of Strength Grants one Strength-based action 9-again. 2 Mana.
Ward The bear adept is surrounded with a protective aura.
Sundering Strike Direct an attack at an opponent's weapon or shield. If successful the item is destroyed and additional damage is dealt to the target. If the character also possesses Sunder Armor reduce the required successes for Sunder Armor on this attack by 1. This reduction increases to 2 at Rank 5.

Rank 4

Scattering Charge Passive: When you charge at a target past adjacent hostile targets make a Strength + Athletics OR Unarmed Combat + Bear opposing their Strength + Athletics OR Dexterity + Acrobatics. If they fail they are knocked prone requiring a Move action to regain their feet.

Active: You may pass through hostile targets spaces granting a +2 to your roll to knock them prone. Any successes on your opposed roll are dealt as non-lethal damage. 3 Mana.

Strength Power XXXX
Toughness Power XXXX
Sunder Power XXXX

Rank 5

Thundering Charge Active: Instead of choosing a single target to charge you may pick a point within a double movement. You charge straight to the chosen point. Your weapon roll for the charge attack applies to any targets who are in reach during your charge to a maximum of Rank targets. Additionally environmental features (doors, chairs, tables, trees) in a direct line take weapon rolls which do not count against the maximum targets. This attack may not be combined with other Maneuvers such as those granted by Fighting Styles. 4 Mana.
Strength Power XXXX
Toughness Power XXXX
Sunder Power XXXX