Roaring Strike

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Required Bear Discipline 4
Range 5 yards x Rank - 1 (Vertical) OR Centered on Caster (Horizontal)
Target Area 1 Target (Vertical) OR 3 x 3 Yard Cone (Horizontal)
Duration Instant
Action Standard
Cost 3 Mana
Effect With a violent roar the adept swings their weapon with such ferocity it sends a rippling shockwave through the air to strike one or many targets, depending on the orientation of the attack:
  • A swift Vertical Strike sends the full force of the adept's melee attack forward as a narrow shockwave at a target up to Rank x 5 - 1 Yards away, providing +2 Ignore Dodge to the adept's melee attack roll when it reaches the target. At Rank 5, this Ignore Dodge bonus increases to +3.
  • A powerful Horizontal Strike causes the adept's melee attack to be sent out as a broad, concussive wave of force that does not reach as far as the vertical strike, but covers a wider area, extending the melee attack into a cone that is 3 yard wide and 3 yards long. Targets that take at least 1 damage must succeed on a Physical Resistance roll vs. the number of successes on the initial attack or be knocked back 3 yards. At Rank 5, the knockback effect increases to 5 yards.