Sunder Magic

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Required Bear Discipline 5
Range Reach
Target Area 1 Target
Activation Action Fast
Activation Cost 1 Mana per Rank of the targeted Enchantment + 1
Duration Instant
Passive Effect When wielding a weapon with an Enhancement bonus equal to or greater than the highest-Ranked enchantment on a targeted object, the adept's Sundering abilities can damage and destroy even magical items. After a Sundering attempt is rolled, the opponent wielding or carrying the item item must attempt a Physical Magic Resistance roll vs. the Sundering attack's successes. If the opponent fails to resist, the item suffers damage as if it were a mundane item.
Active Effect Before rolling a melee attack, the adept may activate Sunder Magic in an attempt to dispel an active magical enchantment on her opponent. If the number of successes achieved by her melee attack meet or exceed the Rank of the opponent's active enchantment + 1, the enchantment is removed. Only one spell per attack may be disrupted in this manner, and the targeted spell must be declared before the dice are rolled. This power's Mana cost is paid after each attempt, regardless of success or failure.