Shadow Domain

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Domain Power: Fade to Black

The channeler may treat shadows (of their size or larger) as full concealment for the purposes of entering stealth. This allows a Shadow channeler using this power to enter stealth while observed by blending into nearby shadows. As long as the caster ends her turn in shadow she remains stealthed, even if she has moved through areas without concealment.

At Rank 3, when concealed with this effect the channeler gains protection from spells which would detect stealthed targets.

Living Shadow

Rank Power Description
1 Darkvision See in the dark as though the environment is well-lit.
2 Cloak of Shadows Gather shadows and move in complete concealment once per encounter.
3 Silent Shadows Create an area of perfect silence around the channeler.
4 Deeper Darkness Blanket an area in darkness, blinding targets within except the caster.
5 Shadow Form Become a living shadow.

Shadow Master

Rank Power Description
1 Conjure Shadows Conjures shadows to fill the area.
2 Minor Illusion Create minor illusions from shadows.
3 Shadow Splinters Attack enemies with a hail of razor sharp splinters.
4 Shadow Guise Alter appearance to match witnessed target, or leave it behind as a decoy.
5 Shadow Step Step from shadow to shadow with ease, moving too quickly for enemies to evade.

Shadow Assassin

Rank Power Description
1 Shadow Wire The caster makes a narrow wire of shadows that acts as a grapple or tripwire.
2 Shadow Dagger Creates a deadly blade of shadows.
3 Shadow Assassin The caster's shadow gains physical substance allowing it to interact with the environment or attack.
4 Pin Shadow Attacks made by the Shadow Dagger or Shadow Assassin can root a target in place.
5 Execute Shadow Attacking the target's shadow will ignore their defenses.