Shadow Form

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Required Shadow Domain: Shadow Master 5
Range Self
Area Self
Duration 1 Hour
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Cast Action Standard
Cost 4 Mana
Effect The channeler becomes a living shadow capable of two-dimensional movement. She may move vertically up flat surfaces without any movement penalty or Climb checks, but must retain contact with a surface. While moving, she may slip through any cracks big enough for light to pass through.

While in this Shadow Form, the caster gains a +2 bonus to Stealth rolls, +2 Dodge, and +2 Speed while stealthed, and may attempt unarmed attacks as though wielding a dagger (1 lethal, +1 AP). If the channeler wields a weapon, these attacks retain their standard attack values while in Shadow Form. Effects with the Light descriptor deal Mortal damage to the caster while in Shadow Form.