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Alkaizer is considered to be the eldest of the Blessed Gods and their ostensible leader. He has always found opposition with his brother Kao, and their forces finally crashed in the God War, which resulted in the sundering of Lorithandar into multiple continents. During this war, only Su-Lan, the Goddess of Death, remained neutral as Alkaizer rallied the others to confront Kao.

He is commonly associated with law, order, healing, and the sun. Among agricultural communities he is often worshiped along with the Twins, Khitar and Nimway. Alkaizer is often depicted as a beautiful young man in golden armor with a shining sword and shield, respectively named Justice and Mercy.

Titles: God of Light, Lord of Brilliance

Domains: Light Domain, Avatar Domain, Order Domain, Healing Domain

Symbol: A golden sun.




Allies: Thalu, Kravnos, Nimway, Thysis, Septimus, Kronos

Enemies: Kao, Irrilandrila


Alkaizer’s worshipers are the most populous of any deity in Lorithandar, and as a result there are many forms of practice. In smaller villages this worship may be nothing more than a shared village shrine and prayers to the sun in the morning hoping for a bountiful harvest. In the more expansive cities, Alkaizer’s temples are often massive and support a tremendous number of staff. As with all large organizations, Alkaizer’s larger temples are full of corruption and misuse. While there are true believers among the clergy, they are rarer than the Lord of Light would prefer. Still the widespread practice of faith in his name empowers Alkaizer, making him one of the most powerful of the Blessed Gods.

The practice of this faith forbids traffic with demons or undead, and ruthlessly hunts them out when possible. Only Thalu’s militant order is more zealous in hunting out the unliving than Alkaizer priests. Sorcery is considered to be a corrupting and evil influence by the church, so it rarely counts these practitioners among its followers.

Among all of the religious orders, the Alkaizer temple is most likely to offer magical services such as cleansing diseases and healing the wounded, however in any city this will likely come with a steep donation requirement.

Religious Orders

Alkaizer has a number of orders across Lorithandar, generally including a common priesthood, a regional militant order, and members of the clergy who assist lawmakers. With their reputation for respecting order, and magical abilities to sense out lies, some regions rely on specialized Alkaizer priests called Inquisitors to seek out the truth, and find criminals.

Among all of these orders there is one special group within the temple that defies easy convention. The Avatars of Alkaizer are special mortals believed to be specifically chosen by Alkaizer himself to grant a piece of his divine might. These otherwise ordinary men and women find that in moments of need, they transform into angelic golden versions of themselves imbued with fantastic powers. These Avatars have no defined role within the church, but are greatly respected regardless of the region, and command authority even up to the high priests themselves.

Temples and Holy Sites