Healing Domain

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Domain Power: Healing Touch

Once per day, the caster may touch a target to heal them for the channeler's Casting roll, as per Heal. Alternatively, the caster may choose to substitute any single-target healing spell for this ability without paying the spell's mana cost. The substituted spell does not need to be cast via touch. At Rank 3, the caster may use this ability twice per day, and Rank 5 raises this to three times per day.

Way of Mending
Rank Power Description
1 Flash Heal The caster may quickly restore a small amount of health.
2 Healing Link The caster may form a magical link with a single target, giving the caster insight into the target's condition and providing additional benefits.
3 Heal The caster may magically heal a single target.
4 Mass Heal The caster may heal multiple targets with a single spell.
5 Complete Heal The caster may fully heal a single target.
Way of Curing
Rank Power Description
1 Banish Contagion The caster may eradicate a poison or disease affecting a target.
2 Rejuvenation While under the affects of this spell, the target will recover non-lethal damage at an advanced rate.
3 Replenishment The target recovers recovers mana more swiftly.
4 Reactive Heal The caster places a delayed healing enchantment on a target that will activate upon the target taking damage from an attack.
5 Regenerate This powerful spell restores health over time; any missing limbs, scarring, or permanent injuries are restored fully when all damage has been healed.
Way of Devotion
Rank Power Description
1 Physician's Presence Targets within range of the caster recover faster.
2 Health Siphon When dealing damage to a target, the caster may instantly heal themselves or a nearby ally.
3 Aura of Healing Caster exudes an aura that improves healing.
4 Holy Ground Caster designates an area as holy ground healing allies and damaging Undead, Spirits, Abominations, and Demons.
5 Holy Nova Caster emits a blast of positive energy that damages enemies; caster may choose to place divine protection upon their chosen allies and, in turn, siphon energy to heal them.