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Known for her benevolence toward the mortal races, the elder of the Twin Goddesses is revered by communities throughout the world for her soothing and nurturing influence. Nimway tends to be depicted as an elegant, smiling woman dressed in long, flowing dresses with seashells or flowers adorning her hair, and is often associated with water, music, and Healing.

She is often considered to be the kindest of the Blessed Gods, however, placid waters often conceal hidden depths - and Nimway has been known to be just as wrathful as her younger sister Khitar when called for.

Nimway's symbol, a whirlpool spiraling around an aquamarine, is always a mirror image of her sister's. The two are often depicted on either side of a single amulet by those who worship the Twins, as it is easily reversed depending on one's needs.

Titles: Goddess of Water, The Sea

Domains: Storms Domain (Water), Magic Domain, Healing Domain, Wrath Domain

Symbol: A whirlpool spiraling around an aquamarine.



After the creation of the Elven races during the Elari-Faerie Wars, a wood elf Channeler and her Adept twin won a boon from Nimway. Nimway and Khitar lead the wood elves to a safe haven and hid them from both the Elari and the Fae. Nimway used a considerable portion of her power to protect them and hide them away, the shield to Khitar's sword. Ultimately, with the support of the Twins, the wood elves were able to survive and even thrive, eventually developing a theocratic monarchy blessed by the goddesses themselves until the race later joined with the high elves into one elven nation.


Nimway is closest to her sister Khitar, for whom she serves as a calming influence when needed. Nimway is also known to have strong ties with both Alkaizer and Septimus as well.


The Twins are worshiped throughout the world; they are widely considered to be invested in the wellbeing of mortal races. This was perhaps best shown by their involvement in the plight of the Wood Elves during the Elari-Fae Wars. Often worshiped alongside the great Alkaizer in agricultural communities, the Twins are most often prayed to in hopes of good weather for crops. Seafaring communities frequently pray to Nimway for smooth seas. The sick may pray to Nimway for healing or comfort; the healthy for longevity and happiness. Nimway is also considered to be a patron of music and poetry, and has been known to award minor blessings to artists who gain her favor.

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