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Septimus is the youngest of the Blessed Gods and was awarded the mantle of God of War by Alkaizer after Kao was cast out of the Pantheon. Septimus idolizes Alkaizer to an extent, choosing to model his physical form similarly and also appear as a fit young man, though his armor is silver. A master of myriad weaponry, he most often wields a two-handed sword and is occasionally depicted riding a white charger.

Septimus is fairly single-minded and straightforward in his dealings with others. He strives to do what he feels is right, but his opinion may be swayed by those he respects. An idealist, he admires mortals’ capacity for self-improvement, self-sacrifice, hard work, and heroism. Senseless death has little value to him.

Titles: God of War, God of Fraternity

Domains: Valor Domain, War Domain, Strength Domain, Healing Domain

Symbol: A silver longsword pointing downward.



After the God War, Kao had been cast from the pantheon and the Pantheon found itself in need of a new God of War. Septimus, who had worked in some capacity to lead the pantheon’s armies, was chosen by Alkaizer to fill this role and given access to the War Domain. He did his best to fill the gap left in Kao’s wake and take up the mantle. Over time, Septimus’ War came to distinguish itself from his predecessor’s, incorporating aspects of his Valor domain into his scriptures, promoting honor, courage, and knightly behavior on the battlefield.


Of all the Blessed Gods, Septimus idolizes Alkaizer the most and has been known on a number of occasions to defer to his eldest brother's judgment. He also greatly respects his sister Nimway's wisdom and Khitar's battle prowess, maintaining a close bond with them. He finds Kronos intolerable.


“Strive to be stronger, better, work harder - as long as you never stop moving, you will never stop improving. Every time you reach your limit, go beyond it and find a new one. Stand tall. Fear nothing.”

Though he is officially the God of War, Septimus has over the years taken on a much more benign role as a patron of sports throughout the world. The strongest, fastest, fittest men and women from around the world travel to participate in Septimus’ Games, where they can test their mettle against others who value sportsmanship, personal improvement, and “friendly” competition.

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