Strength Domain

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Domain Power: Feat of Strength - Once per day you may use any power of equal or lesser Rank from Adept’s Discipline of the Bear without paying its mana cost.

Rank Power Description
1 Sustain Fatigue and wound penalties are reduced by Rank +1 for one hour. After the spell expires the caster gains a stacking -1 fatigue penalty.
2 Enhance Strength Grants the caster +Rank Enhancement Bonus to Strength as a Fast Action. At Rank 3 this spell may be cast on other targets as a Standard Action.
3 Juggernaut Fast Action. While active, caster gains a Rank divine bonus to resist immobilize, stun, and movement penalties. Caster may freely move through occupied spaces, pushing targets to the side. The direction of the push will be determined by the Storyteller. This push effect does not provide a resistance roll and cannot be avoided. Duration: Rank+1 rounds.
4 Titanic Growth Caster gains +2 Size (+2 Health, +2 Speed, -2 Dodge), +2 Natural Armor, +1 Damage Reduction, and Rank points of Enhancement which may be spent on Strength or Constitution for one Hour. While under the effect of Titanic Growth the caster may not gain additional bonuses from Enhance Strength. At Rank 5 the pool of enhancement points goes to Rank +1. No single statistic may gain more than a Rank bonus.
5 Invincibility Caster ignores up to Rank x 2 physical damage for 1 round. This power may be used once per encounter, and may be activated reflexively when a source of damage is declared but before damage is rolled.

Bastion Fist
Rank Power Description
1 Forceful Push Successful charge attacks knock back foes Rank yards. Targets must also make a successful Acrobatics roll or be knocked prone.
2 Bastion Hand A large divine hand construct provides Medium Cover (-4 to ranged attacks) like a tower shield in one direction. The hand will follow the caster remaining oriented towards a direction, or targeted on an opponent, where it will move to interpose itself between the caster and the target. This cover bonus does not provide defense against melee attacks. Changing the hand's orientation or target is a Fast Action.
3 Clenched Hand Bastion Hand must be active. Caster makes a channeling roll to strike a single target within Rank x 5 yards. This attack deals an additional 1 non-lethal and counts as a charge attack for purposes of Forceful Push. The attack deals double damage to mundane objects. Using this attack is a Standard Action and the hand returns to its protective posture after the strike.
4 Grasping Hand Bastion Hand must be active. As a Standard Action the caster makes a channeling roll to grapple and immobilize a single target. If successful the target is contained and may neither move nor perform non-verbal actions until/unless they break free. Each round the target may attempt to break free as a full round action with an opposed Escape Artist or Unarmed Combat roll. While grappled the target is considered flat-footed, but gains partial cover. While a target is grappled the Bastion Hand does not offer its cover bonus to the caster.
5 Crushing Hand Bastion Hand must be active. A target who has been grappled for at least one round by the Grasping Hand may be crushed taking Channeling dice - Physical Armor in physical damage each round. Each round they take damage they gain a -1 penalty to all skill rolls (including rolls for Escape Artist to escape) to a maximum of Rank. This crushing effect requires no action on the caster's part and will continue until cancelled.

Indomitable Will
Rank Power Description
1 Intimidating Strength Caster may use Strength for a single Intimidate check in place of Charisma. 1 Mana.
2 Surge of Strength Gain an additional use of the Feat of Strength Domain Power per day.
3 Force of Will One round after being affected by a negative magical effect, the caster may roll a Channeling roll to dispel a single active magic effect affecting them as a free action. They may do this even if they are not in control of their own actions (such as under the influence of compulsion or stunned). This power may only be used once per encounter.