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The Order Domain is a manifestation of the energies of absolute Order. These powers are most concentrated in the distant plane of Aaru, and power the angelic beings who reside there. Order has created Law, an idea of rules which provide structure to societies. While not all civilizations have followed the same set of laws, the pattern of Aaru is to Investigate, Deliberate, and Judge. The three lines within this domain follow this pattern.

  • Inquisition is about investigating, finding the truth, and seeing through deceptions.
  • Justice is about seeking wrongdoers and bringing them to face justice.
  • Judgement is about meting out the punishment earned by crimes.

There is no rule that a channeler of Order must take the lines in this direction, as an individual’s gifts may lend themselves to one or another part of the process. A channeler beginning with Judgement for example may rely on the expert investigations of others.

Domain Power: Lawgiver

The caster has their chosen weapon blessed by their deity enhancing it with an infusion of pure Order granting it several powers: Only the channeler may wield Lawgiver, no-one else may even pick up the weapon, it appears infinitely heavy to anyone besides the owner. Attacks made with Lawgiver may optionally deal non-lethal damage, even if the base weapon type is normally not capable of doing so (e.g. longsword). Successful attacks made with Lawgiver generate stacks of Mandate. Only one stack of Mandate may be generated per turn. Up to Rank stacks may be stored at maximum for up to 1 Hour. Stacks may be expended as a Fast Action in the following ways:

  • 1 Stack: Attacks with Lawgiver deal an additional +1 non-lethal for Rank rounds.
  • 2 Stacks: The wielder unleashes a bolt of pure Order dealing Intelligence + Channeling + Rank non-lethal damage at a single target within Rank x 10 yards. This bolt deals lethal damage and ignores the magical defense of Demons.
  • 3 Stacks: The wielder receives Rank Ward for Rank rounds.


Rank Power Description
1 Divine Insight Gain specialized knowledge from your Patron once per day.
2 Light of Truth Lawgiver shines with a light that reveals lies.
3 Epiphany Receive guidance from your Patron on the ideal path to pursue.
4 Exhortation Magically exhort targets in the area within earshot to comply or follow directions.
5 True Sight See the truth, piercing illusions, magical, and non-magical concealment.


Rank Power Description
1 Seek Justice Gain bonuses to investigation and magically track a target.
2 Divine Chains Bind a target in constricting magical chains that limits their ability to move.
3 Divine Sigil Mark a target with the symbol of your Patron turning their next attack against them.
4 Detainment Calls into being an immobile, invisible, cubical prison comprised of pure energy.
5 Dictum Issues a formal pronouncement that Deafens, Stuns, Kills, or Banishes a target.


Rank Power Description
1 Sentence Mark a target for judgement and gain bonus speed when moving towards them.
2 Scourge the Unjust Lash a target with an agonizing whip of energy.
3 Mark of Punishment Press Lawgiver against a target’s skin to sear them with a brand announcing their crimes.
4 Collar of Law Creates a binding collar that prevents a target from attacking, or casting spells.
5 Execution Deal a finishing blow to sentenced targets that deals double damage.