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Required Order Domain: Justice 5
Range 10 Yards x Rank
Area 1 Target
Duration Special
Casting Verbal
Cast Action Standard
Cost 4 Mana
Effect The channeler issues a formal pronouncement backed with their Patron's power. A Dictum may not be pronounced on the same target more than once per day.
  • Living targets that fail a Magic Resistance roll are Deafened (-2 to Skill checks, automatically fail Perception based on hearing), Shaken (-2 penalty on all skill rolls) for 2 x Rank Rounds. If affected targets are already affected by a Fear effect, they increase the severity by one step. Additionally, the target is Stunned (lose their next turn).
  • Undead targets that fail a Magic Resistance roll suffer 10 lethal damage, and are Stunned (lose their next turn)
  • Demon targets that fail a Magic Resistance roll are returned to their home plane. If this attempt fails, instead damage equal to the number of successes rolled is dealt to the demon. This damage ignores Magical Defense.