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Domain Power: Karma

The caster may accumulate up to a maximum of Rank positive or negative Karma. Each form of Karma cancels the other out, so gaining positive Karma reduces any currently held negative Karma, and vice versa.

  • Positive Karma may be spent as a Free Action to grant an equal number of dice to yourself or an ally's roll as a Luck bonus.
  • Negative Karma may be spent as a Free Action to apply an equal number of dice penalty to an enemy's roll.

Karma may only be applied to a target once per encounter.

Rank Power Description
1 Charmed Life Once per session, on a non-combat skill roll resulting in no successes, the caster may re-roll their skill check. This increases to twice per session at Rank 3, and three times at Rank 5.
2 Superlative Luck The caster is extraordinarily lucky at everything they put their hand to.
3 Evasion The caster is able to avoid incoming attacks with preternaturally lucky dodges.
4 Freedom of Movement The caster gains a Rank bonus to resist effects that would apply a speed penalty or prevent movement for 10 minutes. Additionally the caster gains a Rank bonus on any grapple check made to resist or escape a grapple. You gain +4 Negative Karma.
5 Miraculous Escape Once per day, if incoming damage would kill you or an ally within Rank x 10 yards, the attack automatically misses the chosen target. May be activated as a reactive free action. Costs 5 Negative Karma.

Rank Power Description
1 Bad Luck Everyone within range of the caster may experience unusually bad luck in everything they do unless extended divine protection by the caster.
2 Cursed Luck Everyone within range of the caster may find it unusually difficult to succeed in any chosen task.
3 Defensive Luck Any attempts to attack the caster may end in disastrous results.
4 Calamity All enemies under the affect of the Bad Luck Aura suddenly experience catastrophic accidents.
5 Deadly Luck A single target experiences a sudden and devastating catastrophe so severe it may kill them.

Rank Power Description
1 Gambler The caster's luck influences their ability to gamble, causing extreme swings in fortune.
2 Beginner's Luck The caster's luck influences their ability to perform a chosen skill.
3 Lucky Shot When making a physical attack, the caster's luck will result in either a particularly powerful attack or a spectacular failure.
4 Happenstance A random happenstance occurs that either benefits or harms the caster.
5 Favor of the Goddess Caster may treat a single coin flip as if it landed on heads.