Chaos Domain

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Domain Power: Chaotic Chance

Once per encounter as a Fast Action force an opponent or ally within Rank x 10 yards to immediately re-roll any roll they just performed. The target must take the new result. This effect may only be used once per target during an encounter. At Rank 3 the caster gains an additional use, and another at Rank 5.

Dark Knowledge

Rank Power Description
1 Chaos Sight Grants the ability to see magic auras. Functions identically to Mage Sight.
2 Demonic Knowledge Make a Channeling roll. Successes are added to the next Knowledge skill roll.
3 Foresee Caster gets a glimpse into a possible future if they pursue their current actions.
4 Dark Gate Caster may traverse to Pandemonium or call a Demon up to Rank through. The calling of the outsider may be forced (opposed roll vs. the Demon's resist); however, this bestows no control beyond forcing them to respond to the call. Additionally the caster gains a familiar and the Improved Familiar benefit although they must choose a demon familiar and use the Dark Gate to call them.
5 True Seeing Caster's eyes begin to glow bright red allowing them to see things as they truly are.

Chaotic Twisting

Rank Power Description
1 Unravel Magic Dispels a target existing enchantment. Functions identically to Dispel Magic.
2 Twist Spell The caster may take a readied action to twist a spell that is cast. On a successful opposed roll a Chaotic Chance use may be expended to change the target to another legal target within range. Each additional alternate target requires another Chaotic Chance use. If no valid targets are available the effect is ignored. This may be used once per encounter.
3 Chaotic Favor When using Chaotic Chance, the caster may spend 2 Mana to make the target take their choice of either the better or worse of the two rolls. The caster must declare they are using Chaotic Favor before the target rolls their second roll.

Chaotic Emanations

Rank Power Description
1 Chaos Shield The caster may be expended a Chaotic Chance use to make all hostile effects which would affect them to only succeed on 9-0 for 1 round.
2 Curse of Chaos If target fails to resist, they only succeed on 9-0s for Rank + 1 rounds.
3 Chaos Tear Caster tears a narrow ribbon of chaotic energy in the air, forming a wall like barrier. Creatures passing through the barrier take Channeling roll in lethal damage, and are affected by Curse of Chaos for 1 round.
4 Chaos Hammer Channeling roll in lethal damage. Rank x 10 range, 2 yard radius. Deals Mortal damage to Angels but Demons are unaffected.
5 Word of Chaos Chaotic word stuns rank targets for 1 round. Lawful Outsiders additionally take Channeling dice damage. This is a free action and may only be used once per day.