Undeath Domain

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Domain Power: Lifeseeker: The caster may no longer recover Health normally through resting, or by traditional healing spells, however, drain effects continue to provide healing. Attacks that deal damage heal the caster for 1 Lethal. Non-living creatures (e.g. constructs, or undead) are unaffected.

Life Eater
Rank Power Description
1 Necrotic Link Caster is empowered when near Hallows or Stygian Nexus recovering 1 Health every minute and granting a +2 bonus to all Undeath Domain spells.
2 Sense Life When cast, the caster can sense the relative direction, distance, and strength of any life forms. If the target is magically concealed this becomes an opposed roll.
3 Death Grip Grabs a living creature who fails a Magic Resistance opposed roll and draws them 5 yards x Rank towards the caster, rooting them in place.
4 Mark of Blood As a Fast Action once per encounter the caster may mark a single living target. If the target fails a Magic Resistance roll any attacks on them by the caster or their allies will deal an additional 1 Lethal damage and heal the attacker for 1 Lethal. This is in addition to the effects of the caster's Lifeseeker weapon.
Rank Power Description
1 Pale Mount The caster conjures an undead Stygian mount which grants +1 to Ride checks. This bonus increases to +2 at Rank 3, and +3 at Rank 5. This mount does not count towards the undead controlled through Animate Dead.
2 Rapid Animation Caster animates fallen corpses, bringing them under her control in the process.
3 Consume Corpse Caster can devour dead flesh to recover health and mana.
4 Corpse Explosion A corpse explodes with tremendous force.
5 Army of the Dead Temporarily expands the caster's control over undead substantially.
Dark Rites
Rank Power Description
1 Breathless Caster no longer needs to breathe. Ignores penalties from drowning or breathing smoke.
2 Fearless Caster is immune to Fear effects of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
3 Undead Immunity Immune to Poison and Disease of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
4 Resilience Immune to Death Magic of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
5 Dark Transformation Caster becomes a Lich permanently, and no longer ages. Caster is Immune to non-lethal damage, but counts as a Stygian Outsider. They may be effected by the damage from Banish, and take 2d10 bonus damage from Fire effects.