Undeath Domain

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Domain Power: Lifeseeker

The caster may no longer recover Health normally through resting, or by traditional healing spells, however, drain effects continue to provide healing. Attacks that deal damage heal the caster for 1 Lethal. Non-living creatures (e.g. constructs, or undead) are unaffected.

Life Eater

Rank Power Description
1 Necrotic Link Caster is empowered when near Hallows or Stygian Nexus recovering 1 Health every minute and granting a +2 bonus to all Undeath Domain spells.
2 Sense Life When cast, the caster can sense the relative direction, distance, and strength of any life forms. If the target is magically concealed this becomes an opposed roll.
3 Death Grip Grabs a living creature who fails a Magic Resistance opposed roll and draws them 5 yards x Rank towards the caster, rooting them in place.
4 Mark of Blood As a Fast Action once per encounter the caster may mark a single living target. If the target fails a Magic Resistance roll any attacks on them by the caster or their allies will deal an additional 1 Lethal damage and heal the attacker for 1 Lethal. This is in addition to the effects of the caster's Lifeseeker weapon.


Rank Power Description
1 Pale Mount The caster conjures an undead Stygian mount which grants +1 to Ride checks. This bonus increases to +2 at Rank 3, and +3 at Rank 5. This mount does not count towards the undead controlled through Animate Dead.
2 Rapid Animation Caster animates fallen corpses, bringing them under her control in the process.
3 Consume Corpse Caster can devour dead flesh to recover health and mana.
4 Corpse Explosion A corpse explodes with tremendous force.
5 Army of the Dead Temporarily expands the caster's control over undead substantially.

Dark Rites

Rank Power Description
1 Breathless Caster no longer needs to breathe. Ignores penalties from drowning or breathing smoke.
2 Fearless Caster is immune to Fear effects of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
3 Undead Immunity Immune to Poison and Disease of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
4 Resilience Immune to Death Magic of equal or less rank. Gains Rank bonus to resistance against powers of higher rank.
5 Dark Transformation Caster becomes a Lich permanently, and no longer ages. Caster is Immune to non-lethal damage, but counts as a Stygian Outsider. They may be effected by the damage from Banish, and take 2d10 bonus damage from Fire effects.