Corruption Domain

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Domain Power: Mark of Corruption

Upon taking the Corruption domain the caster chooses a Mark:

  • Eyes: The caster grows additional eyes on their body. The exact number, location, and type is subject to the DM. The extra eyes grant the caster a +Rank bonus to Perception and Search. These eyes may be concealed, but fail to provide a benefit while doing so.
  • Parasites: The caster has strange lumps and protrusions on their body which move as if from crawling creatures under their skin. If the caster takes lethal damage, maggot-like worms scatter from the wound landing on adjacent targets where they begin to burrow. If the target fails a Physical Resistance roll, the Blood Worms will deal 1 lethal every following round until the target spends a Move Action shaking them off.
  • Ghastly Countenance: The caster becomes withered and their skin becomes ashen, with black veins. They can sense the physical state of any living creature they see as per Healing Trance. Effects which cause Disease gain a +2 bonus.

The caster gains a +2 bonus on Intimidate and a -2 penalty to all Charisma skills when the mark is visible.


Rank Power Description
1 Bestial Arms Caster gains two tentacles covered in barbs or two raptorial bug like limbs. Both forms deal 2d10 base damage. The new limbs can be located wherever the player wishes normally sprouting out along their back or above the hips. The tentacles are able easy to manipulate and are able to pick up small objects. Raptorial Limbs are less easy to manipulate and cannot pick up objects but have razor sharp points on the end and gain +1 AP.
2 Enhanced Limbs The caster gains a +1 Enhancement bonus to attacks with Beastial Arms and Speed. This bonus increases to +2 at Rank 3, and +3 at Rank 5.
3 Autonomous Limbs Caster’s tentacles or raptorial limbs now extend an +1 yard in reach. Each arm may attack a different target within reach. Swiveling entirely around the caster if needed. This allows the attacker to attack with both Beastial Arms and any weapons they may be carrying.
4 Carapace The Caster’s form starts to become more warped and corrupted. They grow a chitinous hide over their body granting +2 Natural Armor, and 1 Damage Reduction.
5 Monstrous Appearance The caster's appearance is so horrific that any target upon viewing it for the first time must make an opposed Magic Resistance roll or be Panicked for Rank rounds.


Rank Power Description
1 Touch of Rot Casting Dice vs. Dodge & Magic Defense deals lethal damage. This damage causes double damage to inanimate objects (e.g. doors/ropes/chains), and if at least 3 successes are rolled permanently reduces the target’s armor bonus by 1 point until repaired.
2 Suppress Healing Targets who have taken damage or failed a resistance roll this round become resistant to magical healing for 1 hour.
3 Burrowing Growth Caster infects a target within Rank x 5 yards failing a Physical Resistance roll with parasites which form a rapidly enlarging moving growth on their body. Each round the growth grows the target suffers a cumulative -2 to all Skill rolls to a maximum of -6. The round after it reaches a -6 penalty the growth bursts dealing 3 x the penalty in damage. This damage may not be prevented. The caster can choose to explode the growth at any time as a free action.
4 Swarm of Vermin A wave of vermin pours out of the casters mouth, turning into a deadly swarm that targets their enemies.
5 Vermin Form Caster transforms themselves into a swarm of vermin which gains unique movement and bonuses to defense.


Rank Power Description
1 Disease Immunity Channeler becomes immune to non-magical diseases equal to Rank, and gains +Rank bonus to resisting Magical Diseases.
2 Contagion A target within Rank x 5 yards must make a Resistance roll or be infected with a mundane or magical Disease of type equal to Rank or lower. Mundane diseases are resisted with a Disease Resistance, while Magical Diseases are resisted by Magic Resist.
3 Blight A targeted area 5 yards +1 yard per Rank up to Rank x 10 yards away is filled with necrotic energy for Rank Rounds. Living creatures ending a turn in the area suffer 1 lethal per round they have been in the effect. Undead creatures regain 1 lethal per round they have been in the effect. This damage may not be prevented. Enemy targets must make an opposed Magic Resistance roll or have their Speed halved (round down) while inside the effect. If the target saves they are immune to the slowing effect from Desecration for 1 hour. Only one such area may be created at a time.
4 Disease Cloud The caster sends a billowing cloud of disease forward carrying any disease they can inflict with Contagion.
5 Desecration A large area is sanctified in a ritual to the Deadlords, causing a Blight to fill the area, and granting undead in the area +Rank Maximum Health. Channeling spells of any Patron other than the Deadlords suffers a -6d10 penalty while in the area effected by Desecration. An ordinary Blight may not be cast within the area effected by Desecration. The caster and any living devotees of the Deadlords are immune to the negative effects of the Desecration.