Fire Domain

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Domain Power: Immunity to fire effects up to Rank. Ignore damage equal to Rank each round for effects above Domain Rank.

Fire Lord
Rank Power Description
1 Burning Hands The caster's hands become alight with magical flame burning a nearby opponent, or throwing a deadly ember if empowered.
2 Empowered Flames After making a successful melee attack, the next Fire Lord spell is empowered, gaining bonuses.
3 Flamestrike The caster calls down a pillar of holy fire, gaining increased area and ignoring fire resistance if empowered.
4 Primal Fire All Fire Lord spells now ignore fire resistance, and if empowered ignore some magical defenses.
5 Fire Seeds Caster creates three glowing seeds which contain primal fire. The seeds can be used to heal the caster or deal damage. If empowered an additional seed is created.

Fiery Avenger
Rank Power Description
1 Ignite Weapon The caster's weapon applies Burning.
2 Burning Blade Casting fire spells greatly enhances the caster's weapon for a short time.
3 Exploding Strike Caster makes a melee attack that explodes Burning targets causing Combustion.
4 Flame Rush Caster moves at full speed through threatened areas, applying Burning to adjacent targets.
5 Flaming Burst Successful melee attacks send bursts of magical flame beyond the target.

Harbinger of Flame
Rank Power Description
1 Purifying Flame Caster sears bleeding wounds closed and boils contagion with painful holy fire.
2 Superheat Caster heats up worn or held metal objects.
3 Vision of Flame Caster gazes into flickering flames seeing visions from afar, or even the future.
4 Embrace the Fire Caster gains greater control over magical fire gaining mana from enemy attacks and excluding allies from their own spells.
5 Wings of Flame Caster sprouts fiery wings granting flight speed and dealing fire damage to melee attackers.