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Irrilandrilla is the closest of all the Blessed Gods to the Void. The biggest difference between the two is that she gains nothing from death or fear; only from people giving into desire. Unlike the other Blessed Gods, she has a substantial hold in the physical realm, retaining the ability to access it easily enough.

Titles: Goddess of Desire, The Insatiable Yearning

Domains: Desire Domain, Avatar Domain, Chaos Domain, Shadow Domain

Symbol: A black bottle, occasionally depicted wrapped in a chain.

Allies: Tay’Morn Thul (Sha’Dar)

Enemies: Alkaizer

Herald: Childress




"Life is temporary, why waste time suffering when you can do what you want, feel good, and be rewarded for it?"

In most of the world, Irrilandrilla is not considered to be one of the Blessed Gods - her religion is considered a cult, and to worship her is illegal or at the very least taboo. Her religion promotes debauchery and revelry, encourages the use of drugs and addictive substances, tempts the weak and vulnerable to give into their vices. The religion is a relatively recent development, and since its inception, it has spread like wildfire in part due to how it functions.

Irrilandrilla’s power trickles down from the top in a sort of pyramid scheme. As her followers spread the word and convert others to her worship, they are rewarded. Those who bring many new followers into the fold may gain physical benefits and even find themselves physically changing in appearance. Priests and priestesses of the faith are frequently awarded a Black Bottle, an endless pour of viscous black liquid which makes people feel amazing. The substance is highly addictive and makes those who imbibe it vulnerable to suggestion. Missionaries are trained to target the downtrodden and unhappy (and those with exploitable vices), seducing them with the Bottle to turn them into slaves to desire and chaos.

Religious Orders

Temples and Holy Sites


High Temple of Irrilandrilla: Irrilandrilla’s Herald (Childress) and their daughter (Ilya Ebonheart) live here. Their home contains a portal which opens directly into Irrilandrilla’s home in Pandemonium. The temple is currently protected from interference by the machinations of the Elari Tay’Morn Thul, ruler of Sha’dar.