Earth Domain

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Domain Power:

Caster enchants a pebble, gaining a random effect while the stone orbits them protectively. See the spell page for further details.

Keeper of Kravnos

Rank Power Description
1 Bless Earth Caster ritually blesses the ground granting bonuses to Earth magic.
2 Tranquil Grove A safe haven appears on blessed ground with food, water, and natural resources.
3 Hostile Terrain Blessed ground becomes inimical to enemies, making movement difficult, ensnaring foes, and damaging them.
4 The Golden Road The caster divines a target destination and sees a golden path leading there.
5 Terraform The caster permanently transforms blessed earth with terrain, and plants.

Earth Warden

Rank Power Description
1 Sundering Enchants a weapon or unarmed attacks to sunder objects including equipment.
2 Stone Skin Grants impenetrable Natural Armor at the cost of movement speed.
3 Binding Strike A melee attack that roots your target.
4 Freedom of Movement The caster ignores penalties from Difficult Terrain and gains bonuses against slows and grapples.
5 Seismic Strike A melee attack that causes a massive tremor under the target.

Natural Forces

Rank Power Description
1 Alter Item Alters an item's properties increasing or reducing Strength requirements or range.
2 Magnetic Pulse Issue a powerful magnetic pulse to push or pull metallic materials.
3 Electromagnetic Field Generate a magnetic field around the caster that provides light cover and is capable of reflecting physical projectiles.
4 Alter Gravity Caster begins to alter gravity in an area; increasing it to crush targets, or reducing it to lift them into the air.
5 Singularity Caster creates an electromagnetic singularity that draws nearby targets in, holding them immobile, and begins crushing them to death.