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Adepts are men and women who have through a combination of practice or training honed their body to supernatural limits. The powers they exhibit range from incredible speed and strength, to communication with animals, to changing the very shape of their body. The legends of the greatest swordsmen and orators in the lands often stem from these abilities. Adepts have no knowledge of spells, their abilities are called Disciplines. Related to this distinction, many Adepts do not consider themselves magical in any way, though they certainly recognize that they are gifted. Adepts tend to be largely self-taught, though they may benefit from instruction by higher rank Adepts. More knowledgeable or academic Adepts may realize that their Disciplines are a form of magic rather than sheer talent.

When selecting the Adept Source, players may select a single Adept Discipline at rank 2, and they may choose one Rank 1 and one Rank 2 abilities in that Discipline. They also choose a Prowess for that Discipline. Additional ranks or new Disciplines may be purchased at the cost of 5 GXP x rank.


When Adepts choose a Discipline for the first time, they can choose a form of Prowess that Discipline offers. Prowess is a static benefit that does not require mana or have to be activated. Prowess bonuses count as Enhancement bonuses for the purposes of power stacking. Each Discipline offers three options for Prowess. You may take a form of Prowess you already have, however only the higher of the bonuses will take effect. You may utilize your character's Prowess as a Free Action.

Prowess Static Bonus Disciplines
Agility +1 Dexterity per Discipline rank Panther, Snake, Tiger
Charm +1 Charisma per Discipline rank Lark, Raven
Evasion +1 Magic Defense per Discipline rank

1 Magical Damage Reduction at Rank 2, this increases to 2 at Rank 5

Panther, Snake, Tiger
Haste +1 Speed, +1 Initiative per Discipline rank Panther, Snake, Tiger
Healing +2 Self Healing/day per Discipline rank (1 Lethal per round) Wolf, Raven
Might +1 Strength per Discipline rank Bear, Dragon, Lark, Wolf
Resistance +1 Base Resistance per Discipline rank Bear, Dragon, Lark, Raven
Toughness +1 Constitution per Discipline rank Bear, Dragon, Wolf


Disciplines grant powers that may be either Passive, Active, or Strikes. A passive power does not need to be activated, it is available all of the time. In this manner it is similar to the benefits from Prowess. Active powers are duration based buffs that may be activated as a free action. Strikes are Standard actions that may be combined with standard attacks or Maneuvers granted from Weapon Styles. Individual Strikes may have restrictions on the types of Maneuvers they may be combined with. Active Powers and Strikes will both cost mana to activate. Each Discipline will have 4 distinct lines of powers for each rank.

Adept Powers with rolls

Adepts do not have a single skill representing their proficiency in being an Adept the way Mages have Magecraft, Sorcerers have Sorcery_skill, Channelers have Channeling, and Shamans have Shamanism. Instead, any time that an Adept power calls for a roll, such as Dragon Discipline's Aura of Fear, that power uses whichever skill is most appropriate to the power. In most cases a specific skill should be defined. If there is a power without a defined skill, it is up to the Storyteller to pick which skill is most appropriate for the circumstance.

Discipline of the Bear

Brutes, toughs, heavies, thugs: Adepts of the Bear would laugh at their opponents' puny attacks if they weren't so busy destroying them. The Discipline of the Bear offers training in Charging, Strength, Toughness, and Sundering.

Discipline of the Dragon

The legacy of Kao and his fiercest troll warriors, the Discipline of the Dragon is geared toward dominating the battlefield. Adepts of the Dragon may choose abilities based on Troll Bonuses, Draconic Traits, Instilling Fear, and Draconic Fighting.

Discipline of the Lark

Bards, spies, diplomats, and information brokers: Adepts of the Lark use their unique skillset to gain information and influence people. The Discipline of the Lark offers four lines: Perform, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Storied Fighting.

Discipline of the Panther

Assassins, watchers, shadows, scouts: Adepts of the Panther become one with the shadows to gain valuable intel and deliver devastating strikes. The Discipline of the Panther offers lines in Stealth, Non-Detection, Environmental Specialization, and Assassination.

Discipline of the Raven

Tacticians, military heroes, martial artists: Adepts of the Raven know the battlefield and their enemy, using intellect and courage to win where brawn alone would fail. The Discipline of the Raven has lines in Leadership, Combat Tactics, Lore, and Cunning Fighting.

Discipline of the Snake

Thieves, poisoners, tomb raiders, liars: Adepts of the Snake specialize in subtle and agile destruction, slipping inside enemy defenses to deliver devastating crippling first strikes. The Discipline of the Snake offers lines in Thievery, Deception, Poisons, and Martial Grace.

Discipline of the Tiger

Acrobats, daredevils, skirmishers: Adepts of the Tiger specialize in feats of athleticism to strike with speed and ferocity. The Discipline of the Tiger allows training in Legs of the Tiger, Speed of the Tiger, Will of the Tiger, and Claws of the Tiger.

Discipline of the Wolf

Wranglers, survivalists, rangers, outlanders: Adepts of the Wolf attune their bodies to the natural world, becoming so like animals that they can even control them. The Discipline of the Wolf offers lines in Resilience (Self Healing), Animal Traits, Animal Control, and Outlander Fighting.