Wolf Discipline

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Wranglers, survivalists, rangers, outlanders: Adepts of the Wolf attune their bodies to the natural world, becoming so like animals that they can even control them. The Discipline of the Wolf offers lines in Resilience (Self Healing), Animal Traits, Animal Control, and Outlander Fighting. Adepts of the Wolf may choose prowess in Might, Toughness, and Healing.

Rank 1

Second Wind Character draws upon a second wind to shake off minor wounds.
Animal Senses Character possesses the keen senses of a wolf.
Commune with Animal Character may communicate with any natural animal.
Kip-Up Character may immediately spring up from a prone position.

Rank 2

Adrenaline Surge A surge of adrenaline rushes through the character, allowing them to ignore injuries and push through fatigue where others would collapse.
Sense Prey Character is able to detect the presence of nearby creatures and hunt down specific scents.
Animal Guide

Keen senses allow the character to use local animal tracks to guide others carefully through unfamiliar territory.

Darting Attack Character may dart in, attack, and dart out again.

Rank 3

Fast Healing Character heals at double the normal natural rate.
Danger Sense With a keen sense of their surroundings and the motivations of others, the character is able to detect and effectively defend against potential danger.
Command Animal Character may exert mental control over an animal.
Hamstring Character has mastered the art of hamstringing an enemy.

Rank 4

Shake it Off Active: If you fail a Resistance roll, you may draw on your inner resolve immediately rolling a secondary resistance roll with a +2 bonus, keeping the better of the two rolls. Activating Shake it Off also allows you to ignore Fatigue penalties for 1 hour. 3 Mana
Outlander Fighting XXXX

Rank 5

Outlander Fighting XXXX