Healing Prowess

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Wolf and Raven Adepts may specialize in the Healing Prowess, which drastically speeds up the body's healing processes.

Prowess Ability: The adept may use a Free Action to activate 1 Lethal healing once per round. This ability may be activated Rank x 2 times per day.


Jorghen, a Wolf Adept, was just attacked by a zombie for 3 damage. His heavy armor took the brunt of the attack, so 2 of the points of damage are reduced to non-lethal. He loses 1 Health Point and 2 Vigor. When it is Jorghen's turn, he utilizes the Healing Prowess to provide 1 lethal healing, regaining 1 Health Point before moving to pat out the fire on a party member. The zombie loses interest and turns to attack a more inviting target. During the next round, Jorghen utilizes the Healing Prowess once more. This time his pool of Health Points is full, so the lethal healing is instead converted to 2 points of Vigor. Jorghen is brought back to full health and is ready to decimate some zombies.