Raven Discipline

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Tacticians, military heroes, martial artists: Adepts of the Raven know the battlefield and their enemy, using intellect and courage to win where brawn alone would fail. The Discipline of the Raven has lines in Leadership, Combat Tactics, Lore, and Cunning Fighting. Adepts of the Raven may choose prowess in Charm, Resistance, and Healing.

Rank 1

Situational Awareness With a successful Leadership check, ensure that the party is on the lookout and watching each others’ backs.
Tactical Retreat Declare a tactical retreat and either take an extra Move Action, or grant one to an ally.
Quick Learner Ignore penalties for untrained Intelligence-based skill checks.
Alacrity Move and act slightly faster.

Rank 2

Aura of Courage Exude an aura of courage that grants allies morale bonuses.
Flanking Maneuver Coordinate attacks with an ally to make them harder to avoid.
Raven Eyes Improve vision and notice details about targets.
Defensive Stance Gain bonus dodge for a matching penalty to attacks.

Rank 3

Conviction Fill an ally with hope, granting them a morale bonus to all skill checks.
Attack of Opportunity Gain an opportunity to immediately land an extra attack on enemies moving through threatened space.
Mind Over Body Ignore fatigue bonuses and meditate to enter a healing trance.
Study the Enemy Carefully study the tactics, armor, and weapons of foes during combat, and take advantage of any weakness.

Rank 4

Aura of Bravery Gain an aura granting allies morale bonuses to magical defense and dodge.
Battle Plan Formulate a plan with allies and encourage them to follow it through.
Student of Battle Predict exactly how a target will move, granting attacks against them Ignore Dodge.
Blackbird Feint Expose a false opening, drawing attention while readying a deadly counter-attack.

Rank 5

Heroism Allies ignore fatigue penalties and gain a morale bonus on their next action.
Tactical Advantage The Adept and allies re-roll Initiative and keep the higher of the two rolls.
Diamond Mind Become immune to Mind Affecting spells or abilities.
Moment of Perfect Clarity Once per day, take a bonus turn.