Snake Discipline

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Thieves, poisoners, tomb raiders, scouts: Adepts of the Snake specialize in subtle and agile destruction, slipping inside enemy defenses to deliver devastating crippling first strikes. The Discipline of the Snake offers lines in Thievery, Deception, Poisons, and Martial Grace. Adepts of the Snake may choose prowess in Agility, Haste, and Evasion.

Rank 1

Tactile Trapsmith You do not need to see traps (or have any light source) to disarm them. You gain full dice for Disarm Device in darkness or when blind.
Subtle Deception Passive: You are practiced at causing distractions that let you perform small tasks (Ex. delivering poison to cups, reading a note) without being noticed. Gain +2 on Deception and Sleight of Hand rolls for these tasks.
Careful Poisoner Passive: You no longer risk poisoning yourself with poison application.
Weaving Blade Convert a point of Armor Penetration to Ignore Dodge.

Rank 2

Canny Locksmith Active: Gain a +Rank bonus on Pick Locks checks against non-magical locks and may pick magical locks with no bonus. 1 Mana.
Misdirection Through clever use of misdirection a player out of combat rounds may distract a target (Charisma/Willpower + Deception + Snake roll vs. Perception) enough to get a surprise round leading into combat. The surprise round does not make the target flat footed. 1 Mana.
Venomous Accuracy You know right where to strike to deliver poison to a major artery or vital organ. When attacking with a piercing or slashing weapon with applied poison apply its damage immediately instead of on the following round. 1 Mana.
Dexterity Power XXXXX

Rank 3

Arcane Sense Passive: You get a Search or a Perception check to detect enchantments, wards, or traps within Rank yards.

Active: If a magical trap or enchantment has any physical component such as a glyph, rune, or sigil which could be disrupted to disarm the trap or destroy the enchantment you may use Disable Device +Rank to attempt to dispel it. 2 Mana.

Slippery Mind Passive: You are immune to mind reading, and emotion reading effects. Your aura may still be read.

Active: +2 against compulsion effects for 1 Hour. 2 Mana.

Poison Blood Passive: You have been so accustomed to handling poisons that you can tolerate their effects. Gain a Rank bonus on Resist rolls vs. Poison and reduce the Poison potency by 1.

Active: Your blood itself becomes poisonous. If you cut yourself dealing 1 Lethal you can generate a single dose of blood based poison equivalent to a Common poison of a Rank equal to your Rank in the Snake Discipline.

Viper Strike A melee attack using a one handed weapon made with blinding speed reduces opponents dodge by Rank. This strike may be combined with other maneuvers such as Flurry Attack, and if the target’s dodge is reduced to 0 they are considered flat-footed for the effects of Sneak Attack and similar abilities. This power may only be used once per opponent in an encounter. 2 Mana.

Rank 4

Nimble Hands Passive: You may not critically fail a roll for Sleight of Hand, Disable Device, or Pick Lock.

Active: If you fail a roll for Sleight of Hand, Disable Device, or Pick Lock you may immediately re-roll the attempt. 3 Mana.

Deception Power XXXX
Enervating Strike A melee attack to a pressure point causing immediate weakness. Deals melee damage and -Strength to the target if they fail a Stamina roll.

Rank 5

Thievery Power XXXX
Deception Power XXXX
Dex Based Attack Power XXXX