Panther Discipline

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Assassins, watchers, shadows, scouts: Adepts of the Panther become one with the shadows to gain valuable intel and deliver devastating strikes. The Discipline of the Panther offers lines in Stealth, Non-Detection, Environmental Specialization, and Assassination. Adepts of the Panther may choose prowess in Agility, Haste, and Evasion.

Rank 1

Hide in Plain Sight You create a distraction and disappear before your foes realize what has happened.
Silent Steps Move silently to avoid detection.
Environmental Specialist Become intimately familiar with a particular environment of your choosing.
Conceal Weapons Obscure your weaponry from others' notice.

Rank 2

Shadow Stride Move swiftly from shadow to shadow, unnoticed.
Dampen Magical Emanations Avoid detection by magical spells.
Cat's Eyes Gain the ability to see in poor lighting.
Death From Above Make use of differences in elevation to deal damage more effectively.

Rank 3

Chameleon Passive: Enter stealth without cover/concealment.

Active: While in stealth, spells which would normally detect life forms, stealthed targets, or magical emanations must roll an opposed roll vs. your Stealth to succeed. Duration 1 hour. 2 Mana.

Avoid Sight If you have been perceived through Stealth, you may move an immediate Rank yards. If this breaks line of sight with the target (cover, prone etc) who would have spotted you, re-roll your stealth and ignore the initial perception. 2 Mana.
Phantom Strike While stealthed you may make standard attack and immediately make a stealth roll vs. the target’s perception +2. If successful you stay stealthed. For each time you use this strike on the same target, they gain an additional +2 to their perception. If the target’s perception roll succeeds or the target dies the maneuver immediately ends and you come out of stealth. This strike may not be combined with Maneuvers from Fighting Styles. 2 Mana.

Rank 4

Veil Aura Passive: Your glacial features reveal nothing of your intent, preventing others from reading your emotions. Gain a +Rank bonus on Deception rolls to conceal your emotions.

Active: Your aura becomes murky and unreadable preventing any spells or effects from reading your aura and providing a +2 bonus to your Chameleon roll vs. opposed detection magic.

Hidden Strike Use a flourish with a second weapon, open hand, or cloak to distract your opponent momentarily leaving them flat-footed. This is a full round action. 3 Mana.

Rank 5

Stalker XXXX
Non-Detection Become immune to divination and sense spells for 1 hour. 4 Mana.
Heart Strike Deal a fatal attack directly to the target’s heart.