Shamanism Skill

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Shamanism represents training undertaking to learn the ways of the Spirit Realm and its denizens. It governs the skill with which Shaman channel their spirits energies to cast spells. Spells from Shamanism Spirits add the Shamanism skill to their dice pool.

Additionally, all residents of the Spirit Realm communicate with their own archaic and formalized language that is used to communicate regardless of the form of spirit they are. Taking ranks in Shamanism grants in Spirit Tongue as a bonus language. This language is granted even if you do not have the Path of Shamanism as a Source.


  1. Rank 1 Spirit Tongue (Conversational)
  2. Rank 1 Spirit Tongue (Conversational)
  3. Rank 2 Spirit Tongue (Detailed)
  4. Rank 2 Spirit Tongue (Detailed)
  5. Rank 3 Spirit Tongue (Fluent)