Tiger Discipline

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Acrobats, daredevils, skirmishers: Adepts of the Tiger specialize in feats of athleticism to strike with speed and ferocity. The Discipline of the Tiger allows training in Legs of the Tiger, Speed of the Tiger, Will of the Tiger, and Claws of the Tiger. Adepts of the Tiger may choose prowess in Agility, Haste, and Evasion.

Rank 1

Great Leap High/Long Jumps doubled
Nimble Climber Passive: Use Dex or Strength for Athletics Skill checks and climb at full speed instead of half.

Active: Retain your dodge bonus during Climb. 1 Mana

Agile Charge You may make a single direction change during a charge attack.
Combat Reflexes If you act before your enemies in an encounter, they are considered Flatfooted for your attacks for one round.

Rank 2

Double Jump Make double distance jumps.
Superior Acrobatics Tumble at full speed, ignoring movement penalties through threatened squares, if the enemy attacks during this maneuver you gain a +2 Dodge. 1 Mana.
Safe Fall Passive: You may fall 6 yards before you would take damage. Active: Gain an additional 3 yards of falling before you would take damage. Additionally the first increment you would take damage ( 9-12 yards) deals non-lethal damage. 1 Mana.
Acrobatic Charge You may make Rank Acrobatics checks to tumble around, over, or under foes and obstacles without interrupting a charge. You may diverge from a straight line to your target by 1 yard in either direction, and with each successful Acrobatic check you add 1 dice to the charge attack. A failed Acrobatic check interrupts the charge stopping you in place and ending your turn. Like all charges, you must move at least your base movement. 1 Mana.

Rank 3

Burst of Speed Draw on your innate energies to increase your speed by Rank +3 for Rank rounds. 2 Mana.
Razor Charge During a charge, gain additional attacks against targets you are adjacent to during the charge. The ending point of the charge must result in an attack.
Freedom of Action As a Fast Action, escape any immobilization, slow or restraint. 2 Mana.
Rending Strike Deal a normal melee attack, then immediately deal rank dice in bleed. Each round deal one less bleed damage until the bleed has dissipated. This may not be combined with Maneuvers from Fighting Styles, and a second bleed may not be assigned while the target is already suffering a bleed.

Rank 4

Lightning Reflexes React to an incoming attack reflexively and add +Rank bonus to dodge and move Rank yards. 3 Mana.

Rank 5

Superior Evasion Grants your Dodge bonus against attacks that would otherwise ignore dodge such aimed and area spells.