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Ghosts are the spirits of formerly living mortals who have since passed on to the spirit realm, but refused to retire to the Realm of the Dead, clinging to the memory of their life or unfinished business in the mortal plane. These tragic spirits are often bound to a person, place, or item relating to the unfinished business. Shaman who bind these spirits may be seeking aid from honored elders spirits, or trapping unfortunate mortal souls in eternal servitude. Ghost Shaman gain substantial strength when near places of special significance to ghosts. These 'Hallows' are places where the barrier between Lorithandar, the Spirit Realm, and the Realm of the Dead is thinnest. Most commonly found at cemeteries, ancient battlegrounds, or mass graves these places draw ghosts like moths to a flame.

Spirit Powers

With each rank, the shaman gains an Imbue Power as well as a spell, empowering her whenever the Ghost is not manifested. Ghost spells are more potent near Hallows, gaining +2d10 bonus dice.

Rank 1

Imbue Power: At will, the Imbued item glows with a dim luminescence which enables the wielder to see into the Spirit Realm for 5 yards as per Spirit Sight.

Once per day, as a Free Action the imbued item can gain the Fear effect for 1 round.

  • Imbued Armor: When the wearer receives a successful attack, even if the damage is negated by Ward, the attacker reactively receives one stack of Fear for 1 hour.
  • Imbued Weapon: When the wielder lands a successful attack, even if the damage is negated by Ward, the target receives one stack of Fear for 1 hour.

Targets receiving the Fear effect roll Resistance vs. the characters casting roll for this Spirit. On success the target suffers a -2 penalty to all combat rolls (not Resistance rolls). This effect may only occur once per round. If the target succeeds on their Resistance roll, they become immune to Fear for 1 hour.

Spell Description
Ghost Blade While the ghost is imbued into a weapon the weapon does twice as much damage to Ghosts.
Sense Death Allows the caster to sense undead, recent deaths or nearby Hallows.
Spirit Coffer Store items in the Spirit Realm.

Rank 2

Imbue Power: Imbued item gains a +1 Enhancement bonus. This bonus improves to +2 at Rank 3, and +3 at Rank 5.

Spell Description
Ghost Song Ritual draws ghosts near making a temporary Hallow
Spectral Hand Ghostly hand deals lethal damage.
Spectral Armor Ghost provides physical protection

Rank 3

Imbue Power: Imbued item gains the Fear effect.

Spell Description
Grasp of the Dead Make a call to the souls and spirits in the area to grasp at the living one more time.
Shroud Partially step into the spirit realm, providing magical concealment.
Wave of Fear A crippling wave of fear travels from the caster granting negatives.

Rank 4

Imbue Power: When a Fear effect is triggered, it may affect an additional Rank targets within Rank yards. This effect may only occur once per round.

Spell Description
Wall of Souls Shimmering wall causes fear in the living and slays Revenants.
Draining Touch Drain health from a target healing the caster. Can be used at range with Spectral Hand.
Spirit Trap Trap the spirits of the slain.

Rank 5

Imbue Power: When wielding or wearing the imbued item, the shaman gains a Fear Aura with a radius of 5 yards. Targets entering the aura roll Resistance vs. Casting roll. Within a Hallow, the range extends to 10 yards.

Spell Description
Wail of the Banshee Lethal scream slays the living.
Ghostly Swarm Conjure a swarm of ghostly apparitions from sites of death.
Wraith Form Transform the caster into a ghostly wraith.