Spirit Sight

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  • Shamanism Source
  • Rank 1-2, 1 CC point or 3 GXP per rank


Rank Name Description
1 Spirit Sight This ritual allows the Shaman to view the Spirit World for one hour. Activating the ritual requires either a minimum of 5 minutes of intense meditation and a successful Intelligence or Willpower roll, OR the consumption of hallucinogenic drugs such as Bhinda Root. Bhinda Root and similar drugs apply a -2 penalty to Search/Perception for one hour, but is commonly available through Knowledge: Nature or Survival checks.

A shaman focused in this manner might see strange trees, structures, or spiritual beings other characters are not aware of. Locations within the Spirit Realm do not necessarily correlate with those in the physical realms, and a bound spirit's true location may be anywhere within a mile of their shaman at a given point in time. While observing the Spirit Realm, the shaman sees magical emanations and auras through sight, similar to Mage Sight.

2 Spiritual Guidance Spirit Sight may be cast on secondary targets to a max of Rank targets. Each target must also perform meditation or consume hallucinogenic drugs to participate in the ritual.