Manifest Spirit

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Required Shamanism Source
Range 1 yard
Area 1 Spirit
Duration Until dismissed or destroyed
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Cast Action Standard
Cost 1 Mana
Effect "Manifestation" is the transference of a spirit's energy into the physical realm, and the shaping of that energy into a magical construct or likeness of the spirit which its consciousness can inhabit and control. More than a mere shell, this construct is not a body of flesh and blood but of spiritual energy. The more skilled a shaman is (the higher rank, or more experience they have invested in developing a particular spirit), the more dense and focused the energy would be, resulting in a more powerful, lifelike and less-translucent construct. Shaman are always limited in what they can channel of their spirit through the barrier between the physical and spirit realms, and as such their manifested spirits lack the special powers that may be found in myriad spirit-creatures throughout the world.

When Manifesting, the spirit flows out of the imbued item within reach of the caster and may immediately move and act. A manifested spirit still grants spells (unless otherwise specified), and can also attack or manipulate physical objects. While manifested, spirits do not grant their Imbue Bonuses to the caster's equipment, and may not move more than 10 yards x Rank away from their shaman unless otherwise specified.

Only one spirit may be manifested at a time. In combat, a spirit moves on its shaman's turn. Should the shaman not be present for the initiation of combat, then the spirit's own initiative modifier will be utilized.

Spirits may be returned to their imbued item in the following ways:

  • As a Free Action, the shaman may dismiss the spirit back into the imbued item.
  • If a manifested spirit is reduced to 0 Health, it is forced back into the imbued item and may not be manifested again for 24 hours.
  • If the caster loses consciousness, the spirit is immediately dismissed back to the imbued item.