Speak with Dead

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Required Death Domain: Soulkeeper 2
Range Caster
Area 1 Soul
Duration 10 minutes x Rank
Casting Verbal, Somatic, Material
Cast Action Ritual (1 Minute Prayer)
Cost 1 mana
Effect The channeler makes a prayer to Su-Lan, invoking her power to call a chosen soul to herself and speak with them for a short time. Any soul that has passed into the Realm of the Dead may be called upon, so long as the channeler is familiar with the target and possesses their full name, grave site, a piece of the person, etc. at Storyteller discretion. Outsiders and Dragons/draconic beings do not pass into the Realm of the Dead and may not be called upon. Only one soul may be called upon at a time. This increases to 2 at Rank 3, and then to 3 at Rank 5. The longer they have been dead the less they will remember. Caster gains +1/+2/+3 bonus to Diplomacy when conversing with Ghosts.