Slay Touch

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Required Seed: Slay 2
Range 10 yards
Area 1 Target
Duration Instant
Casting Verbal, Somatic
Cast Action Standard
Cost 1 Mana
Push +1d10 to cast roll per Push
Defense Special
Effect A ghostly hand reaches out to a nearby foe, attempting to tear away their life force. The hand is immaterial and causes no harm to living beings other than the target.

If the target has a Magic Resist bonus, subtract an equal number of dice from your dice pool. If they have a Magic Resist penalty, instead add an equal number of dice to your dice pool. Afterward, if successes are equal or greater to the target’s current Health, the target dies immediately. If the spell fails to kill the target, it deals 1 point of lethal damage instead. Slay does not affect undead, constructs, or material. This is a magical effect and targets get no additional defense from dodge.