Ritual: Sorcerer Focus

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  • Sorcery Source
  • Rank 1-5, 1 CC point per Rank or 3 GXP x Rank


Sorcerer Focuses are not bound to any specific form, often taking the shape of weapons, books, or rings. The shape of the focus does not affect its use.

If the Focus is ever lost, either separation by planar magic or by the Focus's destruction (voluntarily or otherwise), the character may re-create the Focus. Recreation takes 1 day for each rank previously purchased. During recreation, all mana is consumed each day and not available for any other purpose, and no break in creation is permitted. If the character desires, he can recreate the Focus at a lower rank than previously obtained, however future rank increases must be paid at full cost. During recreation, the character may change any previous choices made for the prior Focus, if applicable.

Only one Focus may exist at a time for any one character, who is attuned to that Focus, and the abilities of that Focus are dependent on the Benefit rank obtained.

Rank Name Description
1 Planar Shielding Your magic defense against Sorcery increases by +1. Additionally, your Summons gain a +1 Defense.
2 Basic Focus Gain a +1 focus bonus on all spells from this Source when wielded. This bonus increases to +2 at Rank 3, and +3 at Rank 5.
3 Life Tap You may voluntarily reduce your current health by 1 to regain Mana equal to your Magic score. This health reduction may not be prevented.
4 Planar Power Once per day you may grant 9-again to a spell.
5 Chaos Guard When a spell results in Backlash dice, you reduce the pool by 1.