Pre-Built Archetypes

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When playing Brilliance & Shadow for the first time the number of options may feel a bit overwhelming, so we've included some common Archetypes of character builds which have become staples of the playtest community and the world of Lorithandar. These are not fully built pre-generated characters, but build suggestions to common and successful character types.

The Imbue Archer

The Imbue Archer combines bonus stats from Shaman imbue, and utility powers to make a strong support character who doubles as top notch ranged damage dealer.

  • Source - Shamanism
  • Race - Feran, Wood Elf, Human
  • Primary Stats - 4+ Dexterity
  • Benefits - Fighting Style: Ranged Weapons 1 & 2
  • Skills - Ranged Weapons 3+, Stealth, Survival, Search
  • Equipment - Longbow OR Medium Crossbow with Imbued Spirit, Light OR Medium Armor
  • Disciplines - Animal (Animal Senses, Animal Reflexes) OR Nature (Goodberry, Rejuvenation) OR Air (Leap, Guiding Wind)

The Deadly Diplomat

The Deadly Diplomat combines the best social powers in the game with stealth and sneak attacks for a strong alternative when diplomacy fails.

  • Source - Adept
  • Race - Human, Feran, Svaald, Wood Elf
  • Primary Stats - Dexterity 3+, Charisma 3+
  • Benefits - Fighting Style: Assassination 1 & 2, Improved Background (Status, Fame, or Income)
  • Skills - Weaponry (1H Piercing) 3+, Diplomacy 3+, Deception/Gather Information/Sense Motive 1+
  • Equipment - Dagger(s), Light Armor
  • Disciplines - Lark (Charm Prowess, Friendly Demeanor, Charming Words) OR Panther (Agility Prowess, Hide in Plain Sight, Shadow Stride)