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Human adept.jpg

Racial Modifiers

  • Favored Source: Any
  • +8 Speed
  • +5 Health
  • +7 Resistance
  • +1 Benefit Point
  • +3 Skill Points

Physical Description

Human vary drastically in skin and hair colors, across different regions and cultures. They have the same variety as humans in the real world.

Average Height Average Weight
5' - 6' 5" 90-230 lbs





Region & Society

Regions in which the race is found, including regions they have divergent behaviors or statistics.



Human names often follow real-world naming conventions specific to each region.


The Free Cities

The Free Cities are a melting pot of cultures and many humans have non-human heritage which influences their names. The names of humans with more or less pure ancestry in the Free Cities often resemble real-world Italian names.

  • Male Names: Alviero Sorce, Bonfilio Di Traglia, Ciriaco Alfonsi, Nicola Violante
  • Female Names: Eliana Rosetta, Lara Renaldo, Marcella Di Napoli, Rebecca Glaviano, Vittoria de Luca

The Divided Lands

Due to the chaotic and lawless nature of the Divided Lands, humans who reside there do not follow any particular naming conventions; many who end up there were running to or from something or another and have adopted new names to disguise themselves.


While most equipment in the Player Guide is available, many races have a particular affinity for equipment, or materials of a certain type such as particular arms & armor.

Magic & Lore