High Elf

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Racial Modifiers

  • Favored Source: Magecraft, Channelling
  • Favored Stat: Intelligence
  • +8 Speed
  • +5 Health
  • +7 Resistance
  • +2 Base Channelling, Sorcery, or Magecraft Skill
  • +1 Base Knowledge: Magic
  • Improved Background 1

Physical Description

High Elves have pale skin. Their light hair colors range from blonde to nearly burnished metallic silver-gold. They have very long upswept ears, and narrow slender bodies. Though not often inclined toward athletic pursuits, they are the most magically gifted of the elven peoples and their society is one of the most advanced.

Average Height Average Weight
4'8" - 5'8" 70-175 lbs





Region & Society

Regions in which the race is found, including regions they have divergent behaviors or statistics.


The majority of High Elves consider Arcadian to be their mother tongue. As it is the root language of most modern planar languages, their fluency in Arcadian affords them a degree of flexibility and confidence in their interactions with Outsiders and those descended from them, such as the Faerie. When dealing with the other races of Lorithandar, they may switch into Common to avoid miscommunication.


  • Male Names:
  • Female Names:

Recommended Name Generator: https://www.rdinn.net/generators/2/elven_name_generator.php

High Elves tend to have long, difficult to pronounce surnames, with Sylvari first names.


While most equipment in the Player Guide is available, many races have a particular affinity for equipment, or materials of a certain type such as particular arms & armor.

Magic & Lore