Fighting Style: Spellsword

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A Spellsword weaves the arts of Magecraft with the arts of the blade.


  • Magecraft 3, Dexterity 3, Melee Weapons 3
  • Rank 1-5, 1 CC point per Rank or 3 GXP x Rank


Rank 1 Arcane Strikes When wielding a one-handed weapon (and nothing in the other), all of your basic attacks become charged with arcane energy. If an attack deals damage, you gain 1 Arcane Charge (to a maximum of Rank in this style) that lasts one hour. When possessing Arcane Charges, basic attacks gain an Arcane bonus to your attack equal to the number of charges. This stacks with any existing Enhancement bonus on the weapon.
Rank 2 Combat Casting You may expend Arcane Charges to cast a spell as a Fast Action. The number of charges expended must be equal to the Rank of the spell (to a maximum of Rank 3), and the caster must still spend the appropriate amount of Mana to cast it. You may not use Combat Casting and still gain an Arcane Charge on the same turn.
Rank 3 Spellshield When wielding a one-handed weapon (and nothing in the other), you gain +1 magic damage reduction on any turn you have cast a spell.
Rank 4 Blade Dance Your character may move before and after an Arcane Strike or Combat Casting a spell. The total distance moved must not exceed their maximum Speed.
Rank 5 Quicken Charge When gaining the first Arcane Charge in your pool of charges, you now gain 2 instead.