Fighting Style: Magitech Rifles

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  • Ranged Weapons (Magitech) Rank 3
  • Rank 1-5, 1 CC point per Rank or 3 GXP x Rank


Rank 1 Fast Reload Reload time is reduced to a Move Action.
Rank 2 Snipe When taking a full-round action, you may target a vulnerable area, Ignoring Rank Armor. This effect may not be reduced by Armor Piercing Reduction. When using Snipe you ignore the standard -2 penalty for shooting at a target engaged in melee.
Rank 3 Extended Range You are skilled with shooting distant targets, doubling the base range increment of Magitech Rifles. Successfully hitting targets beyond the base range increment knocks them prone.
Rank 4 Headshot If a Snipe attack generates 5 or more successes, the target takes an additional 3 lethal damage.
Rank 5 Trained Marksman Reloading is reduced further to a Fast Action and if a shot incapacitates or kills a target within the first range increment, you may roll a second attack on a target in a direct line behind his original target. This second attack suffers a -2 penalty.